Successful entrepreneur Ganesh Hegde's Hard work brings ‘Fortune’

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Bengaluru: With just Rs.300 in his hand, he and his brother boarded a bus from Hebbankhan a remote hamlet in Honnavara taluk to Bengaluru in the early ’90s. That Rs.300 given by his mother made him proprietor of Fortune Group of Industries which has over Rs. 15 crore turnover annually. Yes. It is the success story of Ganesh Hegde, Mr. Hegde who hails from Honnavara taluk has built a Glob Tech Fortune Industries from the scratches. Now he has a dream to provide employment opportunities to over 2000 people.

Humble background man has established big manufacturing component industries in 2003, that time his financial condition was pathetic, he had 20 lakh hand loan, depending upon wife’s income, who was a teacher in a government school. Borrowing 50,000 from his friend, Mr. Hegde has started a lathe unit in a Car shed, now his Industry is having valid customers from across the globe. 

He has acute financial constraints in 2003, borrowed Rs.20 lakh loan. His family was completely dependent upon his wife’s salary of Rs. 8000. After leaving the job, there is no single penny in his hands. 

Before starting an industry, Mr. Hegade worked in a Chemical factory for 14 years. He joined as Assistant Supervisor and attained the post of general manager, it was sheer his hard work and honesty, he attained the promotions after the promotions in that Chemical Factory. In fact, there were hurdles in his job, there was professional jealousy in that company, colleagues were jealous about his growth. But hard work and straightforwardness of Mr. Hegade did not stop him. He challenged his colleagues that he will quit the job only after attaining the highest position in the company. Soon after management appointed him as Director, Mr.Hegade quit that company with an intention to start his own industry.

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Journey to Bengaluru 

After completing my B.Sc, I told the father that I will search for a job. I studied in Kannada school at Hebbankhan village of Honnavara taluk. Secured second class in SSLC, even majority of my villagers and my parents have doubt about my passing in SSLC exams. My father who believed in astrologers get admitted me to science though I insisted on the arts, I failed in PUC. My father gets angry, after passing PUC, I pursued BSc, secured first class in B.Sc. In Degree college, I contested for Secretary post and won in the elections, that secretary post helped me to get the job later in Bengaluru. Then I have decided to search for a job in Bengaluru. My brother also getting ready to come with me. My father has given Rs. 200 to me along with two small parcels, one for me and one for my brother. However, my mother gave Rs. 300 of her savings amount to me. My brother did typing, thus he got the job immediately, but I did not get it. After applying to many companies, one chemical company, situated in Modi Hospital road called for an interview for the Assistant Supervisor post.  After seeing my profile and college secretary post, the company has given me a job. After seeing my hard work and dedication, the company has given Manager post, but they have not given car. Though the manager post is a responsibility, they failed to understand it, so I decided to come with the auto to the office and claimed petrol conveyance for a four-wheeler. Later I bought Car, Stage by stage I grew in the company, it has promoted me to a General Manager post then promoted me to a Director. 

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Initial days 

Without any plan, he quits the company. Before he quitting the management has taken a promise from him that he shall not start any competitive chemical company, his earlier company is producing Weedikiller, a very rare company in the state.

“ When they offered GM post to me, they have taken assurance from me not to start any chemical company, I said okay and only asked that I don’t want any designation, but want a salary. After quitting the job in 2003, I have minus 20 degrees Celsius ( 20 lakh loan). Due to investment in networking marketing, I have taken Rs. 20 lakh loan. Thus while starting a business no one has ready to give surety to me. 

Except for Chemicals, I do have not any other business idea, but my promise have alerted me, decided not to step in chemical business”. 

To start a business I don’t have a capital amount, one Mr. G.J.Bhat has given Rs. 50,000 hand loan to me for nominal interest. I have borrowed a lathe machine for Rs.38,000 and purchased other related instruments for Rs. 12000, stated a industry in a car shed of my brother. Who has stated metro metal cons industry. Though he advised me to work with him, I said no and started working in lathe machine.

My first order was washing machine unit at Electronic city. I have bifurcated armature, copper, powder and gum tape etc from scrap washing machine. First they have given me 5 to 6 piece, after seeing my work, they have given one full load of washing machine. Because of my hard work and efficiency, 5 to 6 employees of that company has lost the job, earlier they used to give same components outside, where they are getting less copper, vendors are keeping copper , but I have returned complete copper extracted from the washing machine, later they have cancelled other vendors and given full job works to me, within a month I have repay the Rs. 50,000 loan to me. Mr. Bhat was guiding force to me, he thought ethics and business dharama to me, From him I have leant lot. 

My second order was from Canara hydraulics, I have started getting orders, told my brother to give me two employees from his factory, he happily agreed and asked me to choose his boys. I have opted one Mr. Gangaraj, now he is DGM and Machine shop head. That time nothing was in my hand, however Mr. Gangaraj believed and followed me. He left all facilities of my brother company and joined me. Later I have started hiring the technical persons. One Mr. Ramesh, who drunken and slept in a park. I picked him and given a job in my company. He is very strong in technical, given immense support to me. My intention is to provide job to those who considered as useless in the society. For talent and bright youths, many will offer the job, but no one has come forward to give job to useless persons. But I did it and succeeded in that attempt. After giving proper training, I took work from them. 

After repaying the loan, I have expanded my industry,  established milling, after seeing the customer requirement, I cater their requirement accordingly. If some one offer me, milk, juice and water, I would rather ask water, with water I can make juice or any product. I have build my company based on legal, moral, ethical, integrity and honesty. Meawhile Mr. Bhat who was the guiding force for me, for every stage he taught me how to do ethical business. My turnover has gradually increasing step by step from Rs. 50,000, Rs.1.50,000, Rs. 4,50,000, then rupees one crore, three crores, and now it has reached Rs. 15 crore. Hard work and dedication was a keyword for my journey. 

After the lathe machine, I searched for big customers, now I have 800 to 1000 customers from across the globe, Video, Kennametal, L&T, and other big companies are my customers. I do not believe in marketing, I never did marketing to promote my business, only because of references I do getting business and made expansion. I have many valuable and proud customers, I believer these customers are my Annadathas.