How Shoppre worked hard to become one of the best shipping companies in India

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The story behind forming Shoppre

The baby idea of Shoppre budded back in October 2016 by two women, Saira Hassan and Nikkitha Shanker, who thought of launching an International Shipping Solution digitally. Staying abroad, the two women always felt the need to get Indian products in a hassle-free manner from India to abroad. The idea of launching Shoppre popped under the unwillingness to give in to the heavily priced outlets abroad and the two women being India at heart despite growing up somewhere else. In their entire career, Saira and Nikkitha have been part of large Indian societies, which made them realize that they and other Indians across the globe share the same issue of missing a better way to access their local Indian products. Brainstorming and researching this problem statement brought forth its solution, Shoppre, which allows its users to do international shipping easily. In today's time, it's one of the best international carriers.

Shoppre’s Mission & Vision

The one mission for which Shoppre is working hard each day is to deliver happiness to customer’s doorstep. They aim to achieve extreme customer satisfaction by offering Parcel Delivery and Courier Services with 60-80% lesser shipping rates all over the world. Teaming up with all the major Indian online stores and shipping companies, such as DHL, DTDC, they offer the best shipping service in the market. Shoppre understands the customer’s needs and tries to make their experience smooth and simpler. They emphasize building a good relationship with their customers and put all efforts into ensuring the safest delivery of your order. They try to bring the best offers for their customers in shipping packages all over the world. A person staying abroad can place the order and sit relaxed; the company does it all. They make sure that none of their customers get a single chance to point out any flaws in their services. Most importantly, Shoppre brings the best deals of shipping charges on the customer’s platter.

Shoppre for international customers

As you Sign Up with Shoppre, you will be provided with an Indian Virtual Address with a unique locker number. You can use this address to Shop from any Indian online portal such as, Flipkart, Myntra, Limeroad, Ajio etc. Your items from these stores will reach Shoppre’s warehouse and will safely be stored in the locker secured just for you. You will be offered a 20 day FREE storage period within which you can accumulate as many items from the variety of stores as possible. In the end, we will consolidate all of your items & ship them right to your doorsteps in 3-6 business days, wherever in the world you are.

What will make you choose Shoppre over other shipping companies?

You can save more in shipping costs with Shoppre due to its discounted shipping rates. They have high volumes of transactions with many global shipping partners, and they offer great rates that you can take advantage of. As the weight of the shipment increases, the rates are more optimized Clubbing your goods together in one package, rather than shipping your orders individually from each supplier, can help you save up to 80% in shipping costs. The first half kilo of a courier is costlier than the following weight. Imagine how much cost you can cut down on, buy avoiding each first-half kilos of your individual orders charged for, separately.

Advantages of Shoppre

Shoppre comes with a slew of extra benefits & services. You’ll get an email notification when each of your packages arrives at your locker. You can see the photos of the items just to ensure that it is to your expectation. Shoppre’s Quality Control team will notify you in case of any damage & help you return the damaged item to the supplier. They will consolidate & re-pack all the items in one box & ship them off to you. You can use any form of online payment – Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, PayTM, Wire Transfer, or Moneygram to compensate us for our services.

The journey of being one of the best international shipping companies was not easy

Shoppre’s CEO Nikkitha Shanker says, “In India, global shipping is still evolving. There is a constant change of regulation and custom rules and laws etc. Apart from that, if you see from a global perspective, rules are changing across the globe. So, managing this dynamic has been a very tough challenge. Whatever we do, international shipping is still costly, so our key focus is to bring down this shipping cost through supply chain optimization not only for the people living abroad but also for more SMEs to bring them in the ambit of global shipping.”On one side we are building a community abroad and on the other side we are building an ecosystem of SMEs in India“When MSMEs and SMEs started approaching us, we got to know that many people are not aware of how to take their products globally. We help these people take their products globally, and, in the meantime, we got to know the real challenges these people are facing. We help local sellers to sell their products internationally. We are providing transparent information regarding rules and regulations, compliance, and all the problems they might face while shipping these items globally,” says Sharath J, one of the founding team members of Shoppre.

Future of Shoppre

As a superior international shipping entity, Shoppre strives to get a better deal for their customers in shipping packages off to ANYWHERE in the world without worrying about even the most trivial of mishaps and, most importantly, an undesirable array of shipping costs. "Right now, we are more of an enabler of e-commerce that's already existing, but the new business unit where we are onboarding MSMEs, we are looking at also taking their products globally not just as an international shipping partner but more about how can we bring business to them from the global communities that we are building. So, this future planning we have done as of now for Shoppre," says Nikkitha The journey of Shoppre is really incredible and gives motivation to all the women in the world to have faith and confidence in themselves and follow their dreams. Nikkitha and Saira never gave up and worked hard to fulfill their goals, and their extreme determination is what reflected in forming Shoppre.

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