A booming marketing agency, AG Privilege knows mapping a path to deliver growth

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AG Privilege based in Bangalore is one of the leading marketing agencies in India known for its meticulous and affordable marketing packages. As per the dedicated research team of Icons of Indian Business Magazine, AG Privilege has enjoyed a phenomenal rise since its inception in 2021 owing to its comprehensive marketing services, client-driven business model, and stellar customer services. 

Backed by its highly professional team, one of the great assets of the agency, AG Privilege offers a plethora of marketing services such as traditional marketing, star rating feedback, app-based marketing, web-based marketing, email marketing, telecom marketing, social media marketing, business consultancy, advertisement, and many more in both B2B and B2C services.  

Starting its base in Nellore, AG Privelage quickly expanded to Visakhapatnam and later established its head office in Bangalore. The agency has a dedicated mobile app called Ag privilege card where a substantial number of users from more than 30 sectors are actively promoting their brands with a dedicated team for each user assigned by Ag Privilege. Steep discounts, history of the discounts, and customer retention strategies are some of the unique features of the AG Privilege Card.

As expensive as they are today, the costs for marketing services are very reasonable and are available on monthly and yearly subscriptions. Over the years AG Privilege card app has enjoyed substantial number of  downloads on the play store. Moreover, the agency has a dedicated app for vendors called AG Privilege Card Vendor.

As per the survey, Numerous clients who were facing troubles with their business due to a lack of marketing competency, later witnessed an uptick in revenue while keeping robust momentum today, upon receiving the sophisticated marketing services of AG Privilege.

AG privilege has an amazing team of world class professionals for marketing services in Bangalore while a dedicated tech team for app development and web development is established in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.  

Driving force of AG Privilege

Founder and CEO of AG Privilege, Anirudh is one of the youngest Entrepreneurs in India. Anirudh has been instrumental in the massive growth of his agency in a short period of time owing to his ideal leadership traits and dedication to his ambitions and goals.

The CEO of AG privilege was born in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh in a family with a business background. After completing his school education in Nellore, Anirudh moved to Bangalore and studied BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration).

During his business studies, Anirudh developed his own innovative ideas for marketing and later did a lot of meticulous research and survey about marketing ideas after completing his BBA.

Only after he was convinced by his ideas, he started a marketing agency and called it AG Privilege. The founder of AG Privilege is currently pursuing MBA while leading his company to greater heights.

During an interview with Icons of Indian Business Magazine, Anirudh founder of AG Privelage commented, "I believe in starting from nothing to achieving everything. We have witnessed that in history and have seen many people from our villages. Coming from a business family, innovation has always been there in me. During my studies, I kept developing ideas for my own business right from the beginning of the degree course. I’m happy it all worked out but I have a long way to go.”

Owing to his innovation in marketing services and robust growth, Anirudh was awarded as ‘IIB Best Startup Company Award -2023’ by Icons of Indian Business Magazine, a leading publication dedicated to entrepreneurs based in Bangalore.

Future Prospects

AG privilege is looking forward to expanding its footprint in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and many other places in India in the coming months which is set to create a significant number of job opportunities in the country.