Badari Narayan K S: ‘THE SHIRSHASANA MAN’ who is ‘I M POSSIBLE’ Man

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India is the land of numerous life-changing discoveries, from the number ‘0’ and shampoos to all the way to ayurveda and surgeries.  Yoga has been one of, if not the most ancient discoveries with its origins in India. Maharshi Patanjali is credited to be the first pioneer of Yoga, having been the composer of the famed ‘Patanjali Sutras’, which is considered the finest book to learn Yoga from. Over time, noted masters such as Baba Ramdev, BKS Iyengar, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Krishna Pattabha Jois have contributed immensely towards the increase in popularity and growth of yoga in their own unique ways.

Badari Narayan K S is one such notable master hailing from Mysore who has been practicing the noble and enlightening techniques in Yoga since the tender age of 15. His great-grandfather, Srinivas Iyengar, was the priest of Srinivas Temple in Mysore. His grandfather, Chakravarthy Narasimha Raja Iyengar, was a WWII veteran who had served in the Air Force under the Madras Regiment, successfully with bravery and integrity matched by few. Post-WWII, he became a government-licensed electrical contractor and successfully served his efficient skills at places in and around Mysore like Navajyoti Studios for a few years. His father, K R Srinivasan accomplished numerous achievements and accolades in the field of bodybuilding as a natural bodybuilder, from district level all the way to national level during the 1960s. His mother, Chakravarthy Raja Iyengar Bharati, was the eldest daughter among her five siblings and after completing S.S.L.C (10th Standard), took the responsibility of providing education to her siblings by working various jobs.

Badari Narayan K S was embedded with the athletic genetics of his father and he utilized it to the maximum, engaging in various sports such as swimming, badminton, and tennis. However, poverty blocked his path of pursuit towards successfully pursuing these sports, as affording the necessary equipment was rather tough with their higher cost. Cricket was however easier to pursue due to its high popularity, and this allowed him to display his vigorous athleticism, playing for several leagues and winning matches. Swimming was also more affordable to pursue, and he and his brother regularly travelled around 20km by bicycle to the swimming pool early in the morning. To easily afford the swimming pool fee, he and his brother would collect old newspapers and scraps of irons and sell those items to scrap dealers in return for some cash.

During a visit to a Chinmaya Mission Centre in his high school days, Badari Narayan K S came across a book written by Swami Shivananda, which consisted of information revolving around yoga, but what caught his attention was Shirshasana. Popularly known as ‘The King of Asanas’, Shirshasana was also immensely praised and favoured by Swami Shivananda in his book, which inspired a young Badari Narayan to pursue yoga and master Shirshasana. Around the same time, he began to practice other asanas under an experienced yoga master at a school in Bangalore.  The long practice of yoga strengthened Badari Narayan’s limbs and rejuvenated his mind and soul. His excessive passion and slightly more dedication towards Shirshasana enhanced his mental capabilities, which smoothened his college days academically. Soon, in 1998, at the young age of 24, he was presented with an opportunity most people only dream of availing of;  the lucrative position of a computer programmer under Toyota Motors in Oman.

With excellent computing knowledge acquired from Bangalore’s institutes, Badari Narayan grabbed the opportunity and began to provide his efficient service for Toyota Motors in Oman. He built an excellent reputation for his professionalism and also built an employee management software program from scratch by reading a book on programming. However, memories of his hometown and his family’s love beckoned him, and he returned back to India.

Badari Narayan K S had lost his father to an unfortunate road accident involving a lorry during his school days, and to make matters worse, he and his family weren’t awarded any compensation from the government or even the police force. Rather than becoming devastated and falling into the slippery slope of depression, Badari Narayan K S utilized those dark feelings as fuel to burn his ever-raging fire of passion and dedication toward making his father proud.  However, post-return to India, he was unable to utilize his talents to generate income, as there was a lack of job opportunities that suited a man of his credentials and capabilities. Prodding on the next step to be taken Badari Narayan eventually set his mind towards successfully achieving huge accomplishments in the field of Yoga.

He started by obtaining a Diploma in Yoga from an institute in Mysore, equipping himself with the accurate knowledge and methodologies required to impart knowledge to yoga enthusiasts. Badari Narayan K S wanted to convert his pain and hardships into records that are almost impossible to surpass and embellish his name into various record books such as the Limca Book of World Records, India Book of Records, and India Star World Records with successfully applying to the Guinness Book of World Records. He decided to start out in his pursuit with the idea of performing Shirshasana at every historical sight. His first performance was in 2012 in Angkor Wat, the world’s largest Hindu-turned-Buddhist temple located in Cambodia.

Badari Narayan has since then performed Shirshasana at over 1500 historical places worldwide with the noble intention of spreading knowledge about yoga and the significance of the monument/place where he’s performing. He utilizes the pictures he clicks of his achievements by sharing them on social media and using the caption to stress the historical place’s importance and glorious past, ensuring these places are popularized. He’s achieved his aim of embellishing his name in the Limca Book of Records, India Book of Records, and India Star World Records for the highest number of places travelled to perform within a single year.  He also celebrated his 50th birthday by setting a world record for sun-gazing while performing pranayama during peak mid-day hours for over an hour, and he dedicated this record to his mother, who was also the inspiration and reason behind the record, as she was born on the auspicious occasion of Rathasaptami.

Badari Narayan K S is currently employed as a Swiggy driver who utilizes his job to earn income, with the main intention of providing help to the needy and homeless. He informs on their situation to the police and other reliable sources to ensure they do not have to always starve and stay safe. In addition, he faced several difficulties during his pursuit, as most people barely co-operated with him, which resulted in him doing most of the work on his own. However, he still hasn’t given up on his dreams and is continuing to contribute towards the growth of society by constantly creating awareness against plastic pet bottles, and parthenium plants, and helping the aged via destitute need channels. We at Icons of Indian Business wish him the best in his future endeavors and hope he attains success at every stage. 

Connect with Badari Narayan K S : +91 90196 51945