Dular Pandit: Generating Employment and Opportunities

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“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship…the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.” – Peter F. Drucker

Jobs are sought out regularly by everyone, with some being successful, and others yet to be. The job-hunting industry is currently on a high with its successful foray into the online world as companies like LinkedIn, Indeed Jobs Search, and naukri.com have immensely benefited companies. Job Consultancy companies still play a significant role in providing qualified candidates for the client, as their reach and network spread far and wide with reliable sources.

The consulting service market currently generates over US$ 354.01 Billion, with many people finding opportunities to stabilize their lives by helping others stabilize their own lives with a secure job. One such ingenious individual was Dular Pandit, hailing from Jharkhand, who used to work in companies like Wipro for a few years as a cook with efficiency who would cook delicious meals. However, the salary was inadequate to meet his needs, and then he worked as a home cook for over a year and developed his culinary skills to another level. He would also observe the local situations regarding the requirement of manpower in the cooking and hotel industry. He began by referring a friend to an institution in 2012, which turned into two, three, and soon more people were being employed under his referrals.


This gave Dular an outlet to generate income, which turned into the establishment of Dapa Group in Bangalore in 2014. From there, the number of referrals provided only increased, as Dapa Group developed a reputation for facilitating reliable manpower. Dular Pandit’s interest in cooking transformed into entering the hotel industry, as he worked in a hotel for two years, observing and learning the necessary skills and requirements to stay successful.

From there, he expanded the types of manpower provided, as hotel staff, caretakers, housemaids, and even security services were being supplied within the specified timeframe. Dapa Group’s efficiency and structured manner of working enables the team to easily get in touch with the client, who describes their requirements. The team scours far and wide to only provide the most suitable candidates who have passed their strict scrutiny process, and their profiles are referred. 


Dapa Group is known for its affordable payment fees, which are determined based on various factors such as the nature of the job, location, and employment. The payment process is simple and straightforward, and once completed; the candidates are supplied to the client. The company values trust and transparency, and it demonstrates this by offering zero hidden charges. Usually, the payment amounts to one month's salary per candidate, which is a reasonable and competitive rate. Additionally, if the candidate supplied is not fully committed to the duties assigned, the company offers a free replacement. The replacements are not charged if executed within three months, so the clients can rest easy knowing that they are getting the best value for their money.

Dular Pandit has helped many hotels and restaurants grow their businesses by providing them with staff through his company called Dapa Group. Some of the well-known places he has worked with include The Bay Café, Happy Platter, R.V.Cafe, Smoki BBQ, Bamboo Hut, and Gelato Vinto. He has also made it easier for people to find help at home by offering services like housekeeping, baby care, elderly care, and gardening. In the past 10 years, he has helped over 23,000 happy customers find the right people to help them and has provided over 200 job opportunities for those looking for work.

Dapa Group is currently pursuing an ambitious expansion plan to uncover and nurture the hidden talents of India. With two franchises already established in Bombay and one in Channapatna, Karnataka, the company aims to expand its reach to every city and town in India in due course. The founder strongly believes that by providing equal opportunities to all, he will eventually achieve success. As an organization that recognizes and celebrates the achievements of Indian businesses, we extend our best wishes to Dapa Group in all their future endeavors and hope they continue to achieve success at every stage of their journey.

Connect with Dular Pandit: https://dapagroup.in/, +91 70901 36000