Eminent Transit: Elevating People’s Transit with Eminent Perfection

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Life is a race. If you aren’t quick, someone else will trample over and walk away.” – Dr.ViruSahastrabuddhe in 3 Idiots

This dialogue emphasizes the direction today’s society is heading towards. Mankind’s external progress is occurring at speeds unfathomable with a major downfall: not living in the moment.

“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.” – Hilaire Belloc

Our bodies and minds are constantly distracted by the mundane tasks imposed onto ourselves, that we forget enjoying the moment. However, the uplifting side of technology has made it possible to make better choices regarding food, education, and even travel. Traveling has become more convenient due to companies like EMINENT TRANSIT, a Pan India travel solutions company that specializes in Premium car rentals, employee transportation, Event transportation, Long-tern rentals, Metro-shuttle services, Hotel travel desk, Airport, Local & Outstation services. To provide a return on investment to its clients, it implements a proven business approach that blends individualized service excellence with market-leading technology.

EMINENT TRANSIT was established as a car rental company in 2017 by Ravikiran S., who is originally from Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley, and an entrepreneur at heart. Ravikiran developed his business skills during his college days by providing extensive support for his father's business. He started working in the travel and transportation industry in 2007, where he gained invaluable knowledge and experience by overseeing each operation during the travel and transportation stages.

After working for over eighteen years, Ravikiran decided to start his own business with partners, but the initial days were challenging due to unfortunate circumstances. However, after five years of hard work and persistence, Ravikiran separated himself from his partners in 2021 to re-establish his entrepreneurship career independently. Since then, his foresight and accumulated wisdom have enabled EMINENT TRANSIT to provide excellent car rental services to over 60+ clients, with nearly 42,000 guests travelling monthly.

EMINENT TRANSIT is a reliable and experienced transportation service provider that specializes in facilitating employee transportation for the corporate sector. The company offers a wide range of transportation solutions to support businesses of all sizes and needs, operating 24/7 with a fleet of buses, minibusses, Tempo Travelers, SUV’s, sedan cars and premium luxury vehicles. EMINENT TRANSIT understands that each company has its unique corporate travel requirements, and therefore, they provide customized and adaptable travel service solutions to meet the specific needs of the clients.

“Travel is the main thing you purchase that makes you more extravagant”.

To ensure smooth operations and excellent customer service, EMINENT TRANSIT appoints a dedicated account manager, skilled implants, and a dedicated Ops Manager to keep a close eye on the entire operation at the client's location. The company's well-experienced and courteous coordinators are dispatched to client sites by the customer's requirements, and they are highly trained to respond rapidly to any client need while ensuring employee safety by taking the appropriate precautions.

EMINENT TRANSIT also offers a cost-effective and reliable airport pick-up and drop-off service with special dynamic fares for AC sedan airport drop-offs (depending on the time of travel). The fleet is equipped with well-dressed chauffeurs, and a dedicated executive provides meet-and-greet services at the airport. The company's Airport Transfers are designed to satisfy all concerns about safety, reliability, comfort, and time savings, ensuring that employees, guests, and VIPs can travel without worry.

With a presence in over 150+ cities with 1500+ fleets across India with centralized assistance, EMINENT TRANSIT provides Local and Outstation Transportation Services. The company caters to expats with chauffeurs who are fluent in English, and VIP Reservations are done with no hassle. Every vehicle is checked for cleanliness and driver grooming daily. The company also maintains measurements with COVID-19 and aroma in the car for safety and comfort.

For ex-pats, EMINENT TRANSIT provides Long and Short-Term Transportation Services, offering specialized English-speaking chauffeurs and a dedicated vehicle. The company provides with vehicle maintenance, fuel, and chauffeurs for a stress-free commute, with a wide range of options to choose from. The company provides experienced and chosen chauffeurs who are highly acquainted with expat and VVIP duties, allowing VIP clients to commute at their leisure.

EMINENT TRANSIT also provides MICE/Event Transportation Services. The company recognizes and develops an execution strategy based on the client's needs, ensuring that all attendees are transported in world-class luxury vehicles around the country. The company provides top-notch transportation services for corporate events, conferences, award functions, and hassle-free VIP bookings. Its event transportation management staff will assist in making luxury vehicles reservations for the client's most awaited guests, providing easy-to-use event transportation management tools to pick up and drop off the visitors in style.

“The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted businesses worldwide, including ours. What used to be a requirement of vehicles for five days has now been reduced to 2-3 days a week due to companies adopting a hybrid mode. We have also been adapting to current trends like this and including electric vehicles to embrace the future.” – Ravikiran S.

EMINENT TRANSIT have earned a reputation as industry leaders around Pan India. The company has seen consistent growth in the last five years and plans to increase its operations in the following years. The company attributes its success to its exceptional customer service provided consistently to its clients, with its plans involving implementing technology wherever necessary to assist them. In addition, EMINENT TRANSIT plans to expand its crème-de-la-crème of travel services to various Indian cities, establishing more branches all over India.

EMINENT TRANSIT stays focused and dedicated to achieving its vision and providing value to its customers. Its leadership team and workers are committed to fostering a workplace culture that values equality of opportunity, empowerment, collaboration, and appreciation, cultivating a highly engaged workforce and strategic thinking throughout every member, for the long-term benefit of its clients, employees and well-wishers.

Connect with Eminent Transit: https://www.eminenttransit.com/+91 90355 63595