Eskay Wires Manufacturing: The Electrifying and Excellent Copper Wire Manufacturer

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Electricity was discovered by Benjamin Franklin in June 1757, when his experiment of a metal key attached to a kit getting torched by a lightining, as he felt electricity touch him via the dampened wire. Over a century later, in Febuary 1882, Nikola Tesla’s discovery of Alternate Current (A.C.) and his eventual victory over Thomas Edison’s Direct Current (D.C.) has enabled a smooth and continuous flow of electricity everywhere, boosting machines with power never imagined before.

Copper wires act as the electrical conductor under numerous electrical wiring categories due to its low resistance and high ductility. However, factors such as a general higher cost in comparison to fiber optic cables and high susceptibility to corrosion due to improper or lack of coverage result in customers staying wary while choosing the perfect cable. Eskay Wires Manufacturing, however, aims to remove the customer’s doubts and apprehensions regarding being the perfect manufacturer and supplier, and increases their anxiery regarding choosing the suitable wire, as each product is manufactured with precision and efficiency.

Established in 1972 by the visionary G. Krishnappa, Eskay Wires Manufacturing Co. started out slowly and steadily as a single bare copper wire manufacturer. Gradually, with a steady increase in growth and revenue, it expanded its product base towards winding wires made of copper, before moving to flexible as well as tinned copper wires in a short span. These products are developed with precision and manufactured to perfection in accordance to the needs of its customers, proving ingenuity with a surge of continual efforts to maintain the everlasting quality through every meter of its products.

The pandemic was a harrowing time for Eskay Wires Manufacturing, as it had exhausted the last of their credit limit. The urgent need of expanding its operations required an immediate funding of 50 lakh rupees. However, the right corporate debt solution provider was able to pull Eskay Wires Manufacturing out of the hot mess by providing it access to multiple investors that helped it secure funds and overcome the shortage of working capital. Since then, it purchases additional raw materials and make timely payment to suppliers, and meeting the requirements of its buyers easily. Eskay Wires Manufacturing successfully worked and improved its growth strategies, striking deals worth over 5 crore rupees, and increasing its sales and revenue up to 30%.

A key factor behind Eskay Wires Manufacturing’s success is its efficient and experienced team. Its team treats each step involved in the manufacturing of copper wires with precision and care, from wire-shaping all the way to the coating, In addition, customer satisfaction is the top priority and hence each order is done with precise techniques and calculations and specifically, according to the client’s preferences.

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