Ghanashree Art Creation: Burning Lights of Creativity Within

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“A work of art is the trace of a magnificent struggle.” – Robert Henri

Ayyangouda Patil is a prominent sculptor, artist, and founder of Ghanashree Art Creation, a noted design studio in Raichur, a picturesque place in Karnataka. Hailing from Amaravati in Raichur dist., post-SSLC, he joined Lalitakala Mahavidyalaya, a reputed drawing college in Angasuguru, Raichur, and initiated his art journey under Sangamatha Chi Charaki there for four years. After that, he trained in the art of sculpting and cement-based artifacts under B.B Solalukkan's Team for 3-4 years and then worked in Kolhapur for a few years.


He then began to work independently with his small team and created sculptures and other works of art for eight to ten villages nearby. His first project was a garden in Islampur, which was a great success, and he followed it with the Construction of Govardhana Giri with 21 cement artifacts and a cement cave in Ambatha Park, Islampur. He then worked on the statue of Matushree Mirabai Thackeray ShilvagramaBurhat for Mumbai Mahanagara Corporation in Punamnagar, Jogeshwari (E) 12.


Ayyangouda’s journey had never been a smooth ride, as difficulties hounded him constantly, attempting to bring his downfall. His father had passed away during those days, which created more problems. Demand for his sculptures and artwork was less during the initial days, yet he and his team persisted, resisted, and pushed on. His creativity, combined with hard work, passion, and dedication manifested in his art, and word on him reached far and wide, with clients from around Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana seeking to own and display his fine creations.


Some of the artworks created include:

  • Alamajja Rash Garden
  • Bagalkote Folk Museum
  • Veerabhadreshwar Temple SingtalurMundarigi, Hubli,
  • Kisan Park Nagar Palike Uran-Islampura Agricultural Activity in Sangli 18 Cement Artifacts Fort Construction
  • Kasubudadaru Folk Dance Artifacts produced a total of 120 Artifacts
  • Pandarpur Pilgrimage. Municipal Corporation, Construction of 25 Cement Artifacts at Paras Road Baramati
  • Ane Ambari and Shivaji Jijabai POP artworks for 2 consecutive years for Shivaji Jayanti organized by Shivkrati organization in Pandarapur.
  • Sri Krishna Leela, Animals, Brow Image Artifacts Produced by MatoshreeMeerabai Maharaja Math Pandarapura
  • Cowherds, Farmers, Women Making Cement Artifacts, Chimberi Taluk Karada, Sangli District
  • Artifact of Sowing Farmer, Gram Panchayat Kale Taluk Karada, Satara District
  • Farmer who also plows with plowGoteshwara Gram Panchayat, Taluka Karada District Satara
  • Karnataka
  • Kempegowda Park, Darasahalli Bangalore, Rani Chennamma, Sangolli Rayanna, Basavanna, Kempagowda, Sri Shivakumar Swamiji, Sri Balagangadhara Swamiji, Krishna cows, soldiers, and 80 others.

Cement artifacts constructed:

  • Sowing Artifacts, Harihar
  • Lumbini Park, Yadgiri District. Creations: Elephants, Giraffes, Dinosaurs, Deer and Cartoon Characters
  • Swami Vivekananda Statue, Swami Vivekananda Group of Education Institute, Sunteswara Halli, Devadurga Taluk, Raichur District
  • Plowing Farmer, (AGIE) Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Vijayapura
  • Farmer Couple Sowing, Agricultural Scientists' Center, Raichur
  • Father Hitting Plow, Gaudanabhavi, Maski Taluk, Raichur District
  • Rani Channamma Artifact, Buddinni, Maski Taluk, Raichur District
  • Ramalingeshwar Swamiji Mata, Singadahalli, Gogi Taluk, Shahpur District, Yadagiri.
  • ‘A farmer who plows’ in Santhekellur
  • Artifacts of Yakshagana in Sagara, Karnataka
  • Shiva idol 9 feet, Gokaka 
  • 15 feet Shiva idol, Guledagudda 
  • Dr. Colony Kallural Park Kurnool District Andhra Pradesh
  • Yoga Artifacts Chakra Mudra Embossed Images


Ayyangouda credits his art teachers as his key inspiration, and he stated:

“My fascination with sculpting started way back when I was, but a young boy. I’d regularly observe sculptors intensely working on carving the perfect sculpture. It’s like bringing something back to life. Moreover, my gurus have been a rock of support in my pursuit of art.”


ಕಾಯಕವೇಕೈಲಾಸ’ – Work is Worship, is a famous saying uttered by Basavanna, one of Karnataka’s noted scholars and a highly influential social reformer. Ayyangouda believes in the phrase and implements it daily in his personal and work life. However, he feels the State Government barely facilitates its artists, giving little to no importance to their masterpieces, and this impacts their careers and lives. Providing recognition along with government-implemented facilities can provide a platform and chance for them to succeed and shine the state’s reputation even higher. Ghanashree Art Creation is planning to implement and push gift manufacturing and fiber lamination independently to bring creativity to life in other forms. We at Icons of Indian Business wish him the best in his future endeavors and hope he attains success at each stage. 

Connect with Ghanashree Arts Creation: +91 77579 11433