Headlines to Heartlines: Payel's Journey from Media to Mission

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"Our Parampara" (meaning "Our legacy"), an online boutique specializing in traditional and ethnic attire, is in its infancy, but the promoter of the firm, Payel Sengupta, has a 'parampara' (meaning " series") of stories to share that lie behind its creation.

In the vibrant tapestry of life, some threads are woven with purpose and passion, creating patterns that inspire and uplift. Payel Sengupta, a name synonymous with journalistic prowess, has embarked on a remarkable journey that transcends headlines and newsrooms. Her story is not merely about entrepreneurship but about the indomitable human spirit that refuses to yield to adversity.


A Media Maven's Metamorphosis

Payel Sengupta's career began in the hallowed halls of a prominent media house, where she honed her skills as a journalist and marketer. With an illustrious tenure spanning print, radio, television, and convergence media, she was a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Yet, life has a way of surprising us, and in 2015, a personal breakup and professional setbacks compelled Payel to embark on a transformative journey.


A Mother's Inspiration

It was during this time of introspection that a spark was ignited within Payel, fueled by her son's unwavering passion for football. While Bengaluru's underprivileged children displayed exceptional football prowess, their dreams were often hampered by a lack of basic amenities. The absence of sports shoes and quality footballs became a poignant reminder of unfulfilled potential.


A Bonfire of Hope: Bengaluru Sports Lovers Association (BSLA)

Driven by her son's plea, Payel embarked on a quest to make a difference. Her search led her to establish the Bengaluru Sports Lovers Association (BSLA), a non-profit organization comprising sports enthusiasts dedicated to identifying and nurturing the hidden talents of underprivileged children. Founded on March 2, 2016, BSLA has been unwavering in its commitment to these young souls.


More Than a Game

BSLA doesn't just organize sporting events; it orchestrates opportunities for transformation. Football tournaments, swimming coaching, badminton and table tennis championships are the avenues through which funds are raised for underprivileged children. These funds support not only extracurricular activities but also mental development and essential needs. BSLA also fosters a spirit of giving, encouraging people to donate old books, toys, sports gear, and gently-used clothes in good condition.


Belief in Human Potential

At the heart of BSLA's mission is the belief that every individual possesses extraordinary skills and talents awaiting realization. They understand that human connections matter, and collaboration, communication, and teamwork are their guiding principles. By uniting people from all walks of life, BSLA transcends the limits of individual effort.


Empowering the Future

Today, BSLA connects individuals from across India in a collective effort to combat poverty, discrimination, and outdated perceptions. Together, they invest in the lives of "not so lucky" children and youth, creating nurturing environments that empower them to become agents of change in their communities.


A Multifaceted Crusader

Payel Sengupta is not confined to one role. She is a multi-faceted media professional, social activist, politician, football aficionado, and a fervent advocate for women's empowerment. As the curator of 'TheSocialScoop.Life,' she champions child development through education and strives for gender equality to build a better society.


Our Parampara: Weaving Traditions and Desires

Recently, Payel embarked on another groundbreaking venture, "Our Parampara - The Ethnic Warehouse." This online emporium is not just a business; it's a lifeline for traditional weavers and artisans. Offering a vast array of traditional ethnic wear, Payel's experience as a lifestyle journalist ensures that 'Our Parampara' is destined for greatness.

Payel Sengupta's passage is a testament to the transformative power of compassion and determination. She reminds us that in the grand symphony of life, each of us holds the potential to be a conductor of change, weaving together stories that inspire and uplift.

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