Inspiring Journey of a “Security Guard” to a “Company Secretary

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As a 20-year-old man working as a Security Guard, he dared to dream of becoming a Company Secretary and began his journey, and today he is one of the leading Practicing Company Secretaries in nation promoting corporate governance & industry wide best practices to be implemented across business.

His dream was not only to achieve a professional qualification but a dream carried a burden to transform his village, city, surroundings as well as society that can vision modern India with education, knowledge, skills & opportunities.

He wants to touch as many lives as possible of future generations to ensure they may not face hardship due to insufficient resources, which is why he was willing to confront endless battles of life to conquer and win over odds that can cherish transformation for many in the coming times.

Yes, we are referring to CS Tukaram Narayan Jadhav of Shiggaon, Dist: Haveri, Karnataka, who demonstrated that with unwavering Passion, Dedication, and Hungriness, anyone can achieve anything in this universe.The prefix CS in this name hooks up an accomplishment with consistent perseverance in the face of life's unpredictable challenges and uncertainties.

His mother is his source of encouragement and mentor, and his father is his hero.

Tukaram was born in Shiggaon, Haveri, Karnataka, in a middle-class family, 3rd child of 4 children. His parents ran a provision store which was the main source of income for his family. He pursued his school education at Nalanda Shikshan Samasthe based in Shiggaon until class 7, then went to SBBMD High school headquartered in Shiggaon and completed his education until PUC in Arts. Even though Tukaram was an average student in his earlier school days, he improved massively and came as the 2nd topper in PUC in Arts.

Due to his family’s financial crisis, he stopped his education and worked as a labour at a motor vehicle garage in Kalaghatgi, Dharwad for a year. While he worked at the garage, he was still motivated to study further by making the money needed for his higher education, by himself working as a labour. Owing to his unshakable desire for education, Tukaram saved 40,000 rupees working for the entire year of 2008 at the garage and made admissions for at Kanakadas Shikshan Samsthe (KSS) based in Hubbali, despite the advice of his family and friends, he decided to pursue a career in business rather than the arts, which proved to be a significant turning point in his life.

Even though he studied arts in his PUC, Tukaram emerged as a topper in his first semester of During his second semester, financial issues again struck back on Tukaram which was when he started working as a security guard at Ambesh Hotel (known today as Piccollo Bar & Restaurant), he was offered a place to stay with food apart from his salary. He hardly slept during those days, since he worked during the night and attended college lectures during the day. 

The principal was impressed with Tukuram’s academic performance and later heard about his security guard job. He appreciated his dedication and with the help of Mr Annappa aided him with a better job. With the Mr Annappa's help, Tukaram was appointed as a sales executive at a Chadha Auto Agencies [Hero Honda Dealership-Hubli], which freed him from a very tedious life of 1 year, and was able to effectively manage time for studies after work. Tukaram Jadhav successfully completed his Bcom as a 2nd topper in the year 2013 and later went on to study [Corporate Secretariship] at KCD College, Dharwad.

During his Masters's degree, Tukaram sourced his income from data entry jobs which he worked from home after college and successfully completed his M.Com [Corporate Secretariship]  as the 2nd topper in his college. Tukaram later went to Bangalore and worked at a Company Secretary firm called Phaniraj HS & Associates as an intern and then joined a Chartered Accountant firm called MDA & Co as a manager in the Secretarial Compliance Division while also preparing for the CS Exam (Institute of Company Secretaries of India). During one of his days working at the CA firm, he received an heartbreaking news that his father had passed away at his town, Shiggaon. He prioritized his family over his dreams and immediately went to Shiggaon to stay with his family, and CA Firm MDA & Co extended a helping hand by providing work from home opportunities.

Eventually, he cleared his CS Exam and then started his own company called Tukaram Jadhav & Co. The company witnessed exceptional progress, leading to the expansion to Hubbali and Bangalore. Jadhav’s firm is one of the leading Practicing Company Secretaries in India promoting Corporate Governance while implementing the best practice widely across all sectors of Business.



1.      Awarded as Student of the Year – in PUC Arts- SBBMD College Shiggaon

2.      Awarded as “Best Trader” – at Bulls and Bears Awards 2012- held at KCD College Dharwad

3.      Awarded as “Young Role Model” –at Sharan SanskrutiUtsava- 2019- received a honor by Chief Minister of Karnataka  Shri Basavaraj Bommai and Central Minister Shri Prallhad Joshi

4.      Awarded as “Out Standing Professionalist” by JCI International

5.      Awarded as “ CAP IKON” by Bengaluru Chapter of Institute of Company Secretaries of India-

6.      Awarded as “Best Company Secretary Service Provider-2022” by Icons of Indian Business.

7.      Appointed as “Secretary” for Haveri District Tax Practitioners Association.

8.      Appointed as “Tresurer” for Kshatriya Maratha Samaj Shahar Ghatak”

In the coming years, Tukaram Jadhav aspires to become the president of the ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India) Board which he thinks will be the completion of his journey as Company Secretary.

Apart from his profession, Tukaram desires to raise awareness in education for children in various villages and towns of Karnataka.