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Lalitha jewellers is one of the booming jewellery stores in the south of India. Currently, it's one of the highest jewellery selling stores owned by Kiran Kumar the Chairman and Managing director of lalithajewellery. Kiran Kumar was born in Nellore and he began his career in Chennai. He was born into a middle-class family and started his Gold business by selling his mother’s gold bangle. He launched the first Lalitha Jewellery Showroom in Chennai in 1983 and later that year Kiran Kumar started expanding his business in south India.


He opened showrooms in Tirupati, Chennai and in Hyderabad, the Lalitha Jewellery Showrooms have become a brand and people trust this company to deliver quality gold at stellar prices, Lalitha jewelry is quickly drawing the attention of the people. As of now, there are 18branches of Lalitha Jewellery Showrooms all across India. Kiran Kumar is very often seen in TV giving Ads for the gold. kiran Kumar in a recent interview said  “At age seven, I had struggled for a decent meal at home. I joined the jewelry trade as a child worker. Formal education was out of the question. The experience of a tough life turned out to be my teacher.This is why I am able to understand the hardships of a common man better than most other jewelers”. Lalita Jewelers started with a back-to-back entrepreneurial perspective. Before starting this M. Kiran Kumar had over 20 years of experience in Bullion Parish.


 Gold trade was very popular in Nellore. He said that Nellore’s gold traders were once well-known in South India. He said that after two and a half years of working together, he learned the art of making gold jewelry.The first time he took 60 grams worth bangles from his mother to melt and sell. He sold that with the name Lalitha Jewellers. From then he started as a supplier from Canada, Singapore, Dubai to India. He used to supply to a few cities in India like Kerala, Chennai and Hyderabad. Now you know his position.


Founded in 1983, the journey over the years has been inspiring and has garnered the trust of innumerable customers. LalithaaJewellery draws inspiration from the fact that customers are empowered to make educated decisions when it comes to buying something that has a sentimental value; namely gold. The novel initiative of ‘click and compare’ which gives customers the choice of clicking the picture of their dream jewel on their mobile to check for the best price across different showrooms is a game changer in the jewellery trade.


Headed by Dr.M.Kiran Kumar, a dynamic personality with a vision to change the face of jewellery trade in the country, LalithaaJewellery today runs eighteen large format showrooms across South India including one of the world’s largest showrooms measuring 130000 sq.ft. located in Hyderabad. His vision to bring in transparency in gold pricing thereby negating the need to bargain has been a laudable effort. Having gone through the hardships in life at a very young age, he is very sensitive and respects the value of every rupee of the hard earned money that customers spend on jewellery. One of the high points of his illustrious career has been to innovatively bring down the wastage charges of jewellery, making gold that much more affordable for buyers. LalithaaJewellery in fact offers the lowest wastage charges in India.



Lalitha jewellers claim Despite maintaining high quality standards, they offer the lowest prices for Gold, Diamond and Silver Jewellery obviating the need for bargaining.When compared to other showrooms, they give the maximum grams of Gold for the money you pay.There's a separate section for Diamond jewellery, comprising numerous exclusive & breathtaking designs. They have a separate section in the showrooms that takes orders based on the design you give. Such exclusive, custom designed jewels are delivered within a short period.


No extra charges apply for credit card and debit card payments. So, the net effect is the same as cash payment. (For gold coins, 2% is charged extra).For exchange of Old gold Jewellery purchased from them for new jewels, they offer 100% exchange value for the gold you bring (as per the day's gold rate) when produced with their purchase receipt.You can exchange a jewel purchased within 7 days from the date of purchase. (Needless to say, such jewels must not have been used).They have one of the largest collections of Silver Articles in every showroom, occupying an entire floor and featuring exclusive items.They are open all days of the year to serve you. And there's no Lunch Break.


A pioneer of sorts, Lalitha Jewellery has several firsts to its credit. The company was among the first to introduce Hallmarking of jewels to establish the authenticity of gold used; was the first to waive making charges on jewels; and is the only company to offer Gold jewels at manufacturing prices for the lowest V.A.Charges in the market.