Manjaree Academy: Expanding People’s Horizons

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“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world,” is a famous Chinese proverb that resonates with each human being everywhere. A language often exposes us to the culture of its native speakers, elucidating the fascinated learners of their daily life and their festivities. Travellers have been known to pick up on multiple languages, understanding and documenting the places they stayed at during their travels.

The modern age has allowed individuals with a high knowledge and grasp of various languages to spread their teachings via various mediums from books and TV programs to even creating apps and websites. Sandhya from Bangalore is one such bright-minded visionary with a vision of providing easy access to learning new languages. Her journey to teaching new languages began with her enthusiasm for learning French, for which she had to spend tons of money to grasp and properly embrace the language’s nuances.

Sandhya noticed a lot of people were enthusiastic about learning new languages but financial constraints held them back. To ensure these restrictions were thoroughly eliminated so people could enjoy the process of learning a new language, she began teaching foreign languages as a freelancer in 2018. The initial days were more hectic, as Sandhya was the one-man army running every major operation, from coaching to preparing the teaching material. Her resilience and determination proved to be Jon Jones against these puny obstacles, as she demolished them with her efficient and effective teaching and management skills.

Soon, Sandhya established a solid reputation due to word-of-mouth from her clientele, and she was able to hire the perfect candidates to spread the joy and beauty of learning new languages with their teaching methods. Languages like German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese, and Korean began to be imparted via oral and written teachings and exercises.  The Manjaree Academy staff takes immense joy in imparting the methodologies and other knowledge related to translating, interpretation, and providing the crème-de-la- crème of transcription services. These moves solidified her establishment of Manjaree Academy in 2020, which was during the pandemic when most people had to stay indoors. This enabled people to explore the internet and discover Manjaree Academy, which, along with word-of-mouth, expanded the number of its clientele.

Since its establishment, Manjaree Academy has successfully conducted over 500 classes for over 100 students worldwide with a 99.9% satisfaction rate. Sandhya’s vision and guidance with the staff’s zealous enthusiasm towards imparting the necessary knowledge plays a huge role in its current success. Its vast range of courses teaching over 20 international languages while providing lifetime access to the course material along with other benefits separate Manjaree Academy from its competition.  

Sandhya has established future goals of spreading and imparting the knowledge necessary to imbibe and retain foreign languages worldwide. Through her guidance and ideas, Manjaree Academy is slowly increasing the appeal among the general public to learn new languages regardless of their age and current position. It’s successfully implementing its vision of expanding everyone’s world linguistically and culturally through the visual stimulus to language fluency. It leverages its unique methodology to ensure the student develops a lifelong interest in language acquisition by providing a supportive atmosphere that promotes intellectual development and cultural sensitivity.

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