Mannath Interiors and Furnitures: Transforming One’s Mannath into Jannath

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“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” – Juan Montoya, Architect

A house on its own fades in beauty when compared to another house with happy residents. A key part that plays towards residents feeling comfortable in their houses is the decor and colours used, as they influence one’s mind. The resident’s emotions and thought process tends to get affected by these factors, which is why hiring the right interior design company helps a lot. the company’s extensive knowledge of a home’s in-and-outs and the human psychology helps with implementing the right colours and necessary decor.

Currently, numerous people are entering the interior design industry to project their fantastic ideas in real life and establish their name. Saqib Ahmed is one such individual, whose professional journey initiated as an installer at various construction sites where he honed his skills in installing equipment and fixtures. His job responsibilities required him to have extensive knowledge of the products being installed and the ability to handle a variety of tools. Over time, he gained significant experience while developing his business acumen. In 2014, he founded Mannath Interiors & Furniture in Mysore with a vision to achieve greater success.

The initial days of his business were challenging, including financial and construction-related problems. Additionally, Saqib was burdened with heavy responsibilities related to his business and income, which made it difficult for him to operate. Nevertheless, he remained determined and persevered, managing to pay his staff of 20 workers and ensuring that his clients were satisfied with the services provided.

Mannath Interiors and Furnitures is a premier provider of interior design services, with an emphasis on modular kitchens. Their kitchens are easy to assemble, with the added benefit of being detachable, cleanable, and re-attachable, making life easier for residents. Saqib's expertise and experience ensure that each part of the modular kitchen fits and functions perfectly with little to no defects. Furthermore, the company provides bespoke wardrobe, cot, and furniture manufacturing services, as well as complete carpentry services.

In addition, Mannath Interiors and Furnitures provide aluminum and glass work services, with aluminum being a popular choice due to its lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant properties. The company's bespoke carpentry services cater to residential, commercial, and office spaces, ensuring that each project is tailored according to the client's specific requirements, preferences, and budget.

Under Saqib Ahmed's guidance, Mannath Interiors and Furniture has completed over forty projects with 13 on-going projects with maximum efficiency and expertise. One project, in particular, posed a significant challenge, as it involved the folding of lamination on a ¾-inch thick plywood sheet without breaking it. The owner promised payment only if the issue was resolved. Despite the efforts of 10-20 people, the problem could not be solved. Saqib studied the issue and implemented precise measurements to solve it, demonstrating his exceptional problem-solving skills.

Saqib's vision is to establish himself independently and provide employment opportunities to numerous people. He plans to expand his company nationwide to provide more people with top-notch interior design services. He aims to create a one-stop shop for all interior design needs, including modular kitchens, bespoke wardrobes, furniture, and carpentry services. Icons of Indian Business wishes him all the best in his future endeavors and hopes he achieves great success.

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