MV Ramesh : A Multi-Talented, Multi-Faceted Individual With A Heart Of Gold

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Cinema is one such medium where the audience engages and immerses themselves totally into the story and develops an intense character bond. Some people even feel inspired by the actor playing the character and decide to join the industry, slightly unaware of the harsh realities and difficulties that go into each production. However, most people have put in the hard work, spending money on their dream project to ensure it wins some fame and provides everyone involved in the project to the next level.

In Bangalore, during his second P.U. days in 2010, MV Ramesh played the lead character in Kalyani School, a Kannada film, and during this process, he fell in love with direction. However, certain unfortunate circumstances barred the film from being released into theatres. Following this project, MVR Ramesh began to work as an assistant director for films like Rektha, Jaatre, and Amar. However, he continued his pursuit of knowledge with diligence and hard work, which played a vital role in his graduation with a B.Com. Post-graduation, MV Ramesh set his sights on establishing himself in the film industry, and he began his journey by seeking out jobs as an assistant director.

His father planned on shooting a film with his own production and decided to refer his son for the role of director. Ramesh however rejected it, as his desire to rise independently rather than with stable connections was burning hotter than the Sun. His father then met a director, under whom MV Ramesh began to work for the film, ‘Kelavu Dinagala Nantara’. This film achieved moderate success, as it successfully crossed 50 days since its release near the end of 2018. However, the returns for the film were far from satisfactory, and following a few disputes here and there with backstabbing, his father lost interest and eventually stopped pursuing cinema overall.

MV Ramesh even felt discouraged by witnessing the disillusioned reality behind the fantasized illusion cinema offers and stayed away from it for the time being. He began to pursue an MBA degree and also worked in his father’s friend’s construction company as a helper for six months. After successfully graduating with an MBA degree with diligence, hard work, and consistency, MV Ramesh began to search for jobs, however, the offers provided little to no salary. An incident occurred when he was waiting for a call centre interview. The staff members there were crude and rude, as they made him wait for over an hour while stating they’d call him. Near him was the toilet, and Ramesh felt disrespected as he had to endure the horrible smell and stopped looking for another job.

With only ₹5000 as savings, MV Ramesh decided to utilize the knowledge he acquired from his construction days, and he and his friend began an interior designing company. The next six months saw them regularly roam around, promoting their business everywhere to little success. Soon, their savings began to deplete, and his friend decided to drop out, leaving Ramesh on his own. He never asked his parents for extra cash, and would instead borrow it from his friends for petrol and food. His family pressurized him and gave him the ultimatum of either securing a deal or two within the month or join a job immediately. In the last day, he had visited a site with little to no hope in securing a deal. On top of that, there was no petrol on his bike, yet he was unable to ask as they were pressing him to return the cash back.  

These events depressed him, and he prayed silently to Lord Anjaneya to show him a path. As he was sitting on the footpath depressed, he got a call from the site’s owner who requested him to start working at the site. This overjoyed Ramesh, as he finally secured an independent deal and a memory to cherish. Ramesh successfully delivered as per the client’s desires due to his brilliance, vision, and strong work ethic, and from there, his prosperity only began to shine more.

Since its establishment over one and a half year ago, Perfect Home Construction has been successfully changing the interiors of its clientele’s dream homes, giving it designs and colours in combinations never thought of. MV Ramesh answers each client and handles each project personally, ensuring each of them are provided with premium quality work at an affordable price with no hidden charges, which is the simple sauce that successfully enhances the already-excellent deal for both parties. To ensure customers aren’t duped, he himself visits each site for inspection regularly, directing his men. His single-minded dedication has provided him projects from all over Karnataka, including Shivamogga, Tumkur, Mysore, and Tiptur. Under his vision, hardwork, and guidance, He’s also been recognized for his top-notch service and in 2022 and 2023, he was felicitated with Karnataka Business Award, Indian Business Excellence Award 2023, and Karnataka Achievers Award 2023.

However, the intense desire to establish his name in the film industry re-ignited, and with his hard-earned cash, he independently established ‘MVR Cinemas’ and started two projects, and provided opportunities for some of his friends who had previously worked with him during his initial film days. He’s also helped another friend to start his own business. MV Ramesh wants to expand his business while directing state-of-the art films, and he wants to see all his friends reach success attainable by few, if not none.

MV Ramesh encourages the youth to start their own business, as he believes that rather than investing their knowledge and experience on another company, they can build their own business empire. He also states that money is not the only end product, as self-satisfaction is the main goal one should aspire to achieve. MV Ramesh himself applies this everyday in his life, as he understands that most of his clientele get their dream home constructed with great difficulty, and he prefers to provide customer satisfaction without compromising quality and design over making profits.

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