Nilesh Dattaram Bhagat: India's Next Top Model

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“Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, where you’re going.” – Pharrell Williams

Shelter, food, and clothes – the three essentials that are required for a man’s survival, have now turned into three separate industries that generate revenues in the billions and trillions zone. The fashion industry, in particular, has given rise to careers such as fashion designing, styling, make-up, modeling, and fashion photography. Modeling stands out as a lucrative career choice with the appeal of attracting fans based on looks and style, while also having its own set of rules regarding the model’s diet and lifestyle.

India, home to noted models like Aishwarya Rai, Milind Soma, Arjun Rampal, and Sushmita Sen, perceives a sudden rise of home-grown talent making huge strides in the fashion industry. One such talented individual is Nilesh Dattaram Bhagat, who hails from Wadgaon, a mesmerizing place located in Maharashtra’s Alibag Taluk, Raigadh Dist. Since childhood, he developed an interest in playing sports and would participate in sports, notably kabaddi, which he began practicing with dedication in 2016, and even reached upto national level.

He arrived at Bangalore in 2022 with the aim of building and stabilizing a long and solid career along with starting a family eventually. His six-foot frame and sharp yet delicate face served as a deadly combination that served to his advantage, and he also had an interest in posing for photo sessions, which would culminate in the establishment of his modeling career. His friends recommended trying out modeling and ramp walks for fashion shows, and soon he began preparing for it.

He started his modeling journey in Bangalore in August 2023. He performed his first ramp walk for the show ‘Icons of Karnataka’ at GT Mall, Bangalore, which turned out to be the perfect starting point for his career in the fashion industry. He felt more confident and the spark of interest was ignited into a flame, as he felt he could perform even better. From there, he would regularly practice his modeling skills, learning and implementing unique and eye-catching poses that stun the witnesses.

Nilesh Dattaram Bhagat participated in the renowned 'Mr. Super Model of India – 2023’ organized by Yes! International Fashion Week (YIFW), where he skillfully put his unique and innovative ideas into action, earning him the fourth position. His passion for modeling goes beyond just a mere interest, as he is constantly striving to distinguish himself as an extraordinary individual with an exceptional and distinct taste in fashion.

“If one observes a book close enough, they shall notice the highlighted parts more easily and register them in their minds. Similarly, modeling puts a highlight on me, allowing people to remember and appreciate my work.”

Nilesh prefers to adorn a ‘national look’ as he desires to highlight the country he is from, i.e. India, and this category allows him to express the history and beauty of that place. He feels that only people of a particular region can popularize their culture and traditions by displaying and practicing them regularly. His debut show witnessed him walk majestically as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, representing the glorious history of Maharashtra. He states that business, semi-formal, party, traditional, and athleisure looks tend to merely highlight the individual, their area, and their occupation.

Nilesh Dattaram Bhagat is a remarkable individual who has made impressive strides in the highly competitive fashion industry. He has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with, and his ambition knows no bounds. Nilesh is determined to continue making waves in the industry, with his sights set on performing even more spectacular ramp walks, winning numerous accolades, and venturing into the world of entertainment, particularly acting.

His ultimate goal is to showcase India's rich cultural heritage through his work and contributions. Nilesh's dedication, passion, and talent have earned him the admiration of many, and he is sure to achieve great success in his future endeavors. Icons of Indian Business wishes him all the best and looks forward to seeing him accomplish even greater feats.

Connect with Nilesh Dattaram Bhagat: +91 7775994206, Instagram: @nilesh_bhagat_07_official