Shashikiransuhas: Visualising The Future Through His Lens

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“I didn’t go to film school. I went to films.” – Quentin Tarantino

Cinema. One of the modern era’s greatest contributions has built itself upon innovation, the factor that pushes the film industry to progress continually toward the future. Several youngsters have embarked on a journey towards creating their own stories, directing, and displaying them worldwide.

One such bright-minded and creative filmmaker is Shashikiransuhas, who was born and brought up in Bangalore to the average middle-class family, where his father worked tirelessly as a government employee and his mother maintained the household, taking care of both him and his younger sister. Shashikiransuhas had developed a passion for cinema and business since his childhood, however, his family insisted on him completing his education, which he did with a diploma, and began working as an automotive design engineer in 2015 when he was only 19 years of age.

His dreams to pursue both fields and establish a name for himself as a prominent filmmaker and businessman were far from gone, as the fire within him could not be quenched with anything less than the fulfillment of his ambitions. He worked tirelessly for five years in his job, rising to the rank of project manager, where he would oversee the procedures and tasks being done to ensure each project was completed. The year 2020 provided him an opportunity to make a foray into the world of filmmaking and animation, and he established Sharanya Films, his production house, with his acquaintances. Unfortunately for him, they soon gave up on his passion project and deserted, which made the situation even more catastrophic.

Shashikiransuhas knew only one thing to do: to never give up. He pursued his passion independently, researching, experimenting, and implementing filmmaking techniques. Soon, with adequate training and experience, he oversaw the release of Quick, which became the first film to be produced independently from his production house. Quick became a hit among its viewers due to everyone’s dedication, from the actors and cameramen to directors and himself. It flawlessly delivered the message ‘support your children in anything they pursue. they may fall, but they shall learn and rise’, with the plot being inspired by Shashikiransuhas’s personal life.

“Cinema is more than just entertainment; it impacts people in ways known and unknown. People do absorb aspects of the intended message delivered by a motion picture, which impacts their overall character. “ – Shashikiransuhas

Shashikiransuhas prefers to deliver films with interesting niche content, delving into thought-provoking topics that can encourage the masses to discuss more openly, as he feels commercialized cinema is just everywhere. Action, Love, Heroism, and Emotion are implemented tirelessly in these mainstream films with no soul, no passion, and no reasoning, and Shashikiransuhas shall be bringing a balance with his interesting content and ideas under his production house.

Shashikiransuhas currently works as a project manager for a reputed IT company, where he oversees team handling and project execution, as well as a filmmaker and producer in Sharanya Films. Managing two jobs of vastly different industries is a very tough task, and he feels no different. However, he ensures that his passion project does not come in the way of his IT job, and with the support of his seniors in the IT company, he manages to deliver the results in both jobs with perfection.

He has recently developed an interest in the hotel industry, having made plans to establish a cafe under Shranya Films shortly, and is also planning to venture into the travel industry. We at Icons of Indian Business wish him the best in his future endeavors and hope he attains success at each stage.  

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