Shiva Kumar: Bangalore’s Marco Polo With A Twist

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Lao Tzu, the famous Chinese Philosopher and author of Tao Te Ching, once stated, “The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” which is a profound and beautiful statement. Every human born desires to explore each part of our beautiful and mesmerising planet, and history has witnessed many of these travellers and explorers discover and reveal places previously unknown to the rest of the world. Soaking in the serene beauty of each mesmerising location, mingling with the locals, and enjoying the native dishes – these are some of the moments every living being desires to experience and be a part of.

Travel agencies have been formed to fulfil the desires of the wanderlust within humans by creating trips with the necessary facilities. Shiva Kumar is one such visionary who has been guiding his company, S Holiday House towards arranging successful trips. He started his career in 2016 as a Sales Executive at TripFactory, a holiday company, after he graduated with an MSc in Computer Science. His hard work, determination, and consistency promoted him to a Team Leader’s position, where his brilliance, efficiency, and business acumen impressed his MD, who appointed him as his assistant. His desire to spread his wings far and wide pushed him to join Kesari Tours and Travels in 2018, where he ensured the company’s smooth functioning as the operations head.

A strong sense of ambition overtook Shiva Kumar, as he and Aravind Warli, another entrepreneur with a similar mindset, established Warli World Tours in 2018, where he again ensured the role of operations head, and successfully ensured the company’s operations were running smoothly. Four years soon passed by, and he came out with experience and knowledge that only the veterans in the travel industry have gained over the years.

Shiva Kumar then decided to establish his travel company named S Holiday House in Bangalore. S Holiday House provides exclusive VIP tours to its clientele pan-India and has provided tours and guides to celebrities too. Domestic tours, International tours, corporate tours, and pilgrimages are some of the packages offered by S Holiday House. Numerous companies have collaborated with S Holiday Gropus to provide the perfect tour each time, with even a premium silk saree company ensuring each travel booking is done via S Holiday House for a safe, smart, and secure journey.

Under his vision and guidance, the S Holiday House team has successfully provided a seamless and comforting experience to travellers during each tour. The Pandemic was a looming threat with the capacity to undo his hard work and consistency, as some employees had to be laid off. Even then, S Holiday Groups manages to emerge victorious with most of its employees being retained, thus ensuring the ever-smooth running of its operations. It has undertaken the responsibility of accommodating and guiding 183 travellers from a bank group in Mandya on a 1-week tour to enjoy the best sights in Kashmir, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh.

Shiva Kumar aims to not only expand his business but also the opportunities the average man gets to earn for financial stability, as S Holiday Groups is conducting free-of-cost tourism classes for tourism departments and is providing free internships to aspiring students. Its constant tours to Andaman and Nicobar have boosted the place’s tourism to an extent, and it has also been recognized as a key contributor by the Andaman Tourism Board in 2019.

Shiva Kumar’s ambitious trail towards obtaining success for him and everyone around him is contributing to their plans of opening a new branch at Coimbatore. Under his vision and guidance, S Holiday House is making plans to establish its chain of hotels and office branches throughout India.   We at Icons of Indian Business wish him and S Holiday House the best in their future endeavors and hope they attain success at each stage.

Connect with Shiva Kumar : +91 99451 31462