Shivananda Shetty: Constructing Sweet Homes and Sweeter City Infrastructure

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Shivananda Shetty hails from a family that has a long-standing legacy of being involved in the trading business. Having graduated with a Diploma in Civil Engineering, he was able to apply the knowledge and skills he acquired during his college days to undertake residential projects on an individual basis. It was this passion for construction and his expertise in the field that laid the foundation for the establishment of Sweet Home Constructions in 1990. Located in Karwar, which is a popular tourist destination renowned for its scenic beaches in the state of Karnataka, the firm has since then made a name for itself in the construction industry, delivering quality projects that have stood the test of time.

Under his vision and guidance, Sweet Home Constructions soon moved up a scale, as it began the construction of apartments by 1993, three years into the construction field. His improved business acumen and foresight ensured at least three apartments were constructed by it during this period. The same year saw Sweet Home Constructions bag a lucrative contract to construct Bhagyoday Nagar, an up-and-coming layout in Karwar, and it was completed to perfection within five years by 1998.

Sweet Home Constructions is a renowned company that provides comprehensive services in the field of construction. The team at Sweet Home Constructions works closely with clients to understand their requirements and preferences. They hold detailed discussions with clients to understand their vision and ensure that the design they create is compatible with the site where the construction will take place.

Once the design is finalized and both parties agree to it, the construction process begins. Sweet Home Constructions is known for its high-quality work, and they ensure that only the best materials are sourced for each project. The materials undergo stringent quality checks to ensure that they meet the required standards.

The construction work is carried out by a team of skilled laborers who are hired after thorough testing and screening. Sweet Home Constructions takes great pride in the quality of its work, and it ensures that each project is completed to the highest standards. In addition to residential projects, Sweet Home Constructions also takes on commercial and government projects. They have the experience and expertise required to handle such projects with ease and complete them within the agreed timelines.

Sweet Home Constructions stands apart from its competitors as it also engages in road making and has also worked for Konkan Railways, especially in the Karwar branch. It has constructed a police station adjacent to the railway station, along with a hospital and quarters for the railway employees. It has also engaged with Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), a prominent Indian multinational public sector company, by constructing an office building for it in Honnavar, another picturesque town of Uttara Kannada district, and another one further north in Bijapur, a place noted for Gol Gumbaz, a historic monument.

Sweet Home Constructions has played a major role in the development of infrastructure in Uttara Kannada through its construction of several buildings for the PWD, Rural Development, and Panchayat Raj (RDPR) departments. The company has also been awarded for its services after constructing a building for the Military Engineer Service (Defense) in Vasco, Goa. Additionally, Sweet Home Constructions has constructed and renovated various hospitals for the Karnataka Health System Development & Reform Project (KHSDRP). The company's dedication to understanding the needs of its clients has resulted in the successful construction of well-functioning bus stand infrastructure in major towns like Karwar and Ankola for NSKRTC.

Sweet Home Constructions is a reliable and trustworthy company that provides top-notch construction services. Their commitment to delivering high-quality work is reflected in the satisfaction of their clients. Sweet Home Constructions researches the future of construction and finds ways to implement innovative ideas. We, at Icons of Indian Business, wish Shivananda Shetty all the best in his plans and hope he achieves success at every stage.

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