Tanjore Treasures: A Tale of Art, Tradition, and a Daughter's Reverence

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In the heart of her pursuit to unveil her mother's hidden brilliance, a tale unfurls as luminous as the 22-carat gold that adorns their canvas. The saga begins with Bargavi Srinivasan, a person who waltzed through the realms of engineering and financial consultancy by day, but cradled dreams beyond those confines. In a digital realm pulsating with creativity, she kindled the spark of a virtual art gallery, a realm where strokes of genius came alive in the form of Tanjore paintings.

Yet, this narrative is not solely hers to claim, for it is intertwined with the tale of another luminary – Mangalam Srinivasan, the matriarch of this narrative. An artist of nature's crafting, her talent had flowed in her veins like an uncharted river. It was the realm of Tanjore painting that bewitched her, leading her to seek formal training under the aegis of the Tamil Nadu government. A chosen artisan, one amongst eleven, her hands danced with the hues of history as she honed her craft from 2012 to 2013.

Upon completing her apprenticeship, Mangalam Srinivasan dared to tread her own path, weaving her unique style into the art form. A tapestry of awe-inspiring beauty was birthed, a tribute to her innate artistry. In the shadows of this artistic legacy, her daughter Bhargavi embarked on a journey of her own. An engineer by trade, striding through the corporate realms, Bhargavi's soul resonated with the same artistic inheritance. Her passion found expression in Tanjore painting, and thus, 'Mymomsartgallery' was birthed – a virtual haven where her mother's creations could be shared with the world.

From an instrument engineer traversing oceans, Bhargavi embraced her inherited artistry. The duo's creations intertwined seamlessly within the digital threads, and as the gallery's curtains parted, the world gazed upon their offerings with awe. The nascent endeavor garnered its first triumph – thirty pieces exchanged hands within the inaugural quartet of months.

A decade and more whispered stories into the tapestry, yet 'Mymomsartgallery' remained a constellation of five-star accolades. Its digital domain radiated the effervescent aura of success, a triumph that found its zenith when Mangalam Srinivasan's virtuosity was crowned with the Tamil Nadu state award in 2021.

With the passage of time, the gallery's ambit expanded, embracing not only mother and daughter but a sisterhood of artistic souls. More than a business, it was a communion of creativity, wherein eleven women, mothers and nurturers, lent their strokes to the gallery's evolving tapestry. An ode to tradition, their works embodied a symphony of 22-carat gold leaf and Jeypore stones, yet it wasn't a mere imitation of antiquity; it was a fusion of heritage and innovation.

But the odyssey didn't cease with this artistic endeavor; Bhargavi, a phoenix in her own right, scripted another chapter. In a world sequestered by the pandemic's tendrils, she found herself yearning for a touch of sacredness, the quintessence of Pooja materials. Thus emerged the 'Prapthi Pooja Store,' a sanctuary of devotion nestled within JP Nagar, Bangalore. The store bore the imprint of her passion, echoing the voices of artisans, particularly the revered elder matrons, in its offerings – from fragrant agarbathies to ornate brass idols.

In a nod to her heritage, she affirmed that her father, SV Srinivasan, stood as their guiding light. A mentor, an encourager, he had shared their journey through the canvas of Facebook, deftly weaving a tapestry of supportive comments that echoed across digital corridors.

Thus, this tale weaves and wanders – a tapestry spun with threads of passion, heritage, and unity. In the dance of colors and strokes, in the rhythm of sacred offerings, and in the echoes of encouragement, the legacy of Mangalam Srinivasan and her daughter Bhargavi transcends from the canvas into the hearts of those who dare to gaze upon its radiant brilliance.

Connect: https://mymomsartgallery.com/