Umair Misbah : Making it EZ(Easy) To Obtain The Perfect Door

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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door,” is a hilarious yet inspiring quote by the late great American comedian, Milton Berle. Opportunities are those silver linings often missed due to clouded judgments and decisions taken, however, creating opportunities for oneself results in easy betterment of one’s life. One might be in a situation where they’re building a masterpiece, yet are unable to fully manifest it due to unfortunately obtaining subpar materials. However, certain individuals would take the next step by manufacturing the product themselves, stepping up their dedication towards consistently providing state-of-the-art products.

Umair Misbah, a Master in Structural Engineering from Srinivas University, Mukka, and a graduate in Civil Engineering from Anjuman Institute of Technology and Management (AITM), who resides in the small town of Bhatkal, Karnataka, possesses a great business vision.

Obtaining his degrees, Umair Misbah overlooked construction projects as a building contractor from his father’s construction company intending to ensure each of his clientele is provided the finalized project on time, within their budget, and ensure the specified designs are delivered without any mishap. However, obtaining teak wood doors as per the client’s request was easier said than done. In addition, there were frequent chances of obtaining a close copy with noticeable defects rather than the desired product, which raised a lot of complaints from the clientele, expressing their disappointment.

The local carpenters added to the burden of obtaining teak wood doors, as their inconsistency and lack of commitment delayed the on-time delivery of the desired goods. Umair Misbah, being an ambitious man since childhood with his early and sincere attempts at business, would feel frustrated with their lax attitude. He began to source the required materials and the appropriate machinery for teak wood door manufacturing and established EZDoors in Bhatkal in January 2022 intending to provide the strongest and safest of doors to beautify the residence’s entrance and ensure families can reside safely.

EZDoors began to rise from there under the vision and guidance of Umair Misbah, initially receiving orders to provide the desired goods. All this would change in December, as EZDoors made an easy entrance into the market, having established the perfect manufacturing unit to create and produce the perfect door. This move furthered EZDoors’ established reputation as a reliable manufacturer of both single and double doors in and around Bhatkal.

A key factor that contributes massively to the massive growth of EZDoors is its commitment towards providing customer satisfaction, as the EZDoors team holds important discussions regarding the design, shape, and other factors with its clientele during the initial stage. Once done with the discussion, the appropriate materials are sourced and the tedious and meticulous process of carving the door occurs. After a rigorous quality check of the final product, the doors are then shipped to customers, who have been praising EZDoors’ exemplary craftsmanship. In addition, EZDoors supplies well-finished and well-structured furniture to enhance comfort in its clientele’s lives.  

Umair Misbah’s vision of providing the crème-de-la-crème of doors and wooden furniture is slowly establishing EZDoors toward eventual success, with 10-12 customers on an average every month. EZDoors is on a journey towards spreading its excellent services in and around Karnataka within a year or two, and eventually expand to all around India. We at Icons of Indian Business wish him and EZDoors the best in their future endeavors and hope they attain success at every stage.

Connect with Umair Misbah : +91 96202 00860,