YouTube CEO Indian origin Neal Mohan's Salary Jumped to 3.1 Cr per month

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Neal Mohan is a American business executive who is the CEO of YouTube. Mohan was born in 1976 at Lafayette ,Indiana. He spent most of his childhood growing up in the United States before moving to India during adolescence. By the 1990s ,he moved back to US and attended Stanford university. Following his graduation in 1996 ,he worked at Accenture, before joining a startup called Net Gravity. He swiftly became a prominent figure within the company.

After returning to Stanford in 2003 to pursue his MBA. Net Gravity's parent company which had acquired the company in 1997, began to undergo issues stemming from another company acquisition of Abacus Direct, this led to the merger being effectively  annulled .Mohan was enlisted David Rosenblatt, who had become DoubleClick's new CEO in the wake of the split, to work at the company in 2005. Together, they reoriented the company, devising a plan said to still have an influence on Google operations.
Doubleclick was acquired by Google in 2007, an acquisition largely oriented by Google executive Susan Wojcicki. She and Mohan extensively worked together for the next fifteen years. In 2015 ,Mohan became CPO of YouTube, which Wojcicki headed as CEO. Throughout the late 2010s and early 2020s, he spearheaded much of the company's ventures, such as YouTube TV, YouTube Music, YouTube Premium, You're Shorts, and YouTube NFTs. Upon Wojcicki's resignation in February 2023, he succeeded as CEO of YouTube. 
Mohan married to Hema Sateen Mohan , who was worked in the non-profit and public welfare sectors for two decades. He married his wife while in New York during his time working for DoubleClick.

However ,based on Wojcicki's monthly salary, business portals have reported that Neal Mohan is expected to receive at least 374,829 US Dollars ( around Rs 3.1 crore ) per month.which means his daily income will be Rs.10 lakh,besides his bonuses.