Zerodha CEO Unveils the "WTFFund" Initiative for Young Entrepreneurs

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Exciting news for young entrepreneurs! Nikhil Kamath, the CEO of Zerodha, has introduced a new initiative called the "WTFFund." This initiative offers a unique opportunity for aspiring business individuals in various industries, including beauty, fashion, and home brands. Mr. Kamath shared this exciting news on his official LinkedIn profile.

Under the #WTFFund, young entrepreneurs under the age of 22 now have the chance to secure funding and receive valuable mentorship in the fields of home, fashion, beauty, or lifestyle. Ananth Narayanan, the founder of Mensa Brands, Raj Shamani, a content producer, Kishore Biyani, the founder of Future Group, and Nikhil Kamath himself will be providing mentorship and support to young business owners in these sectors.

The decision to establish this fund was made during a recent episode of Nikhil Kamath's podcast, 'WTF is with Nikhil Kamath.' In episode 11, while conversing with Narayanan, Shamani, and Biyani, the Zerodha founder explained, "We usually engage in charity during every episode, but this time we wanted to try something different. As an experiment, we decided to identify entrepreneurs under the age of 22 in the fashion, cosmetics, or related industries who might otherwise struggle to secure funding. We will fund them through this podcast."

The four individuals have collectively committed Rs 80 lakh to the fund, with each of them contributing Rs 20 lakh. This generous initiative will enable two companies to grow, with each of them receiving Rs 40 lakh in funding.

This initiative was inspired by the success story of Zepto's co-founders, Aadit Palecha and Kaivalya Vohra, who received a funding of Rs 40 lakh at the age of 18. This support played a pivotal role in helping them establish a brand like Zepto.