Zuckerberg Praises India's Pivotal Role in Tech while Introducing WhatsApp Features for Businesses

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WhatsApp, the widely-used instant messaging app, has introduced a series of updates tailored to its vast user base in India. This move appears to be part of Meta's strategy to boost its revenue stream in India, which stands as one of its largest global markets. During the announcement of these enhancements, Meta's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, lauded India's pioneering role in the realm of digital payments.

Meta recently unveiled a collaboration with PayU and Razorpay to facilitate payments within India through various channels, including debit and credit cards, net banking, and UPI applications. Mark Zuckerberg, speaking virtually at the Conversations 2023 event, emphasized that these new features enable customers to swiftly make payments to Indian businesses, with Meta actively exploring ways to expand payment options within chat conversations.

"As you may already know, we've successfully introduced our payment solution in Brazil and Singapore. Today, I am thrilled to announce its launch in India. With this addition, we will also accommodate other payment methods, including all UPI applications, ensuring a seamless experience for users to make payments to Indian businesses via WhatsApp chats using their preferred method," stated Zuckerberg in his address.

In addition to these developments, Zuckerberg unveiled Meta Verified for businesses using WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Subscribing businesses will receive a verified badge, dedicated account support, protection against impersonation, and other features to enhance their visibility. For WhatsApp, this encompasses premium features such as customizable web pages and enhanced multi-device support.

Zuckerberg also introduced WhatsApp Flows, a feature empowering businesses to create tailored experiences within chat threads. As an example, banks can establish a system for customers to schedule appointments for opening new accounts, while food delivery services can enable users to place orders from their partner restaurants. Similarly, airlines can offer features allowing users to check in for flights and select seats, among other possibilities.

During his virtual address, Zuckerberg praised India's pivotal role in the tech landscape, hailing the country as a global leader. He noted, "India is at the forefront of much of what we're discussing today, leading the world in how people and businesses have embraced messaging as a more efficient means of accomplishing tasks."