A Renaissance Man who Illuminates Minds, Energizes Souls, and Dances to Success

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In the quiet corridors of corporate success, where the echoes of ambition and hard work reverberate, there exists a man whose journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Anil Bhaskarwar, a name that carries the weight of dedication, expertise, and an insatiable passion for personal growth across a tapestry of diverse domains.

Picture a canvas where the strokes of brilliance intermingle with the colours of persistence. Within the span of a year, Anil embarked on a remarkable expedition, recording 100 audiobooks, a testament to his unwavering commitment to the pursuit of knowledge. It is a feat that echoes his belief that learning knows no bounds and is, in fact, a lifelong endeavour.

Anil's fascination with the metaphysical realm led him down a path less travelled. Armed with 16 certifications in Pranic Healing and 2 in Reiki, he ventured into the profound world of energy healing. With each certificate, he honed his expertise, becoming a beacon of hope for those seeking solace and restoration through holistic practices. He also completed 12 LinkedIn Learning Certification courses (Microsoft certifications).

But Anil's talents extend far beyond the ethereal. He is a virtuoso of movement and rhythm, having emerged victorious in the cutthroat arena of dance, clinching the crown in the Boogie Woogie competition at the state level. His dance floor prowess reflects not only his passion for the art but also his unwavering dedication to mastering it.

The corridors of academia, too, bear his indelible mark. Anil holds a patent, a testament to his innovative thinking that transcends the boundaries of convention. Additionally, he has authored three papers, comprising two research papers and one white paper, each a testament to his profound contributions to the world of knowledge. His intellectual pursuits underscore his belief that knowledge is a torch that must be carried forward.

The foundation of Anil's journey rests upon a robust educational background, one that speaks volumes about his intellectual prowess. Armed with a B.E. and M.Tech from NIT Bhopal and an MBA from the esteemed IIMB, he exemplifies the perfect fusion of technical acumen and business acuity. Furthermore, certifications such as Cisco Certified Network Associate and Sun Certified Java Programmer, along with the coveted title of "Teckchek certified" TCP/IP expert, solidify his standing as a technical maestro.

Anil's appetite for reading knows no bounds. His collection of over 200 books on Kindle, spanning genres and disciplines, reflects his commitment to personal growth and his insatiable curiosity. Amongst these, 50 spiritual books stand as a testament to his quest for inner enlightenment.

In his pursuit of holistic growth, Anil Bhaskarwar has forged two communities, each a reflection of his desire to give back. "Rise and Shine," with its 177 members, is a sanctuary for those seeking productivity tips, a space where the torch of motivation is passed from one hand to another. "Don't wait, Meditate," with its 150 members, stands as a pharaoh for spiritual guidance, offering a path to inner peace and tranquillity.

Anil's accolades shine brightly in his crown of achievements, with 26 awards in just two and a half years. These include Divisional Recognition and CEO awards, a testament to his unwavering commitment to his professional endeavours. Notably, an Intel award, shared with his partner, is a glittering gem in his collection, symbolizing his technical prowess.

As the chapters of Anil Bhaskarwar's journey continue to unfold, his promotion to the third highest ranking in the technical ladder at Intel Technology stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. His life story is a symphony of dedication, expertise, and a passion for personal growth that inspires and uplifts those fortunate enough to witness it. In the tapestry of extraordinary lives, Anil Bhaskarwar's thread is one that shines the brightest.

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