Adolf Shervin: Revolutionizing Music Melodiously

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“Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies.” – Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Art, Music, Poetry, Dance, - these serve as an outlet of expressing one’s emotions and thoughts since mankind’s inception and foray into Earth. With time, we have seen the rise of artists and performers like Beethoven, Zakir Hussain, Raja Ravi Verma – to name a few, who have revolutionized the world and sparked a paradigm shift in those who engaged with their art. The current state of art is witnessing the rise of future stars and schools dedicated to training them, and the aid of technology enables these schools to teach students worldwide.

Adolf Shervin is one such individual who utilized his foresight and laid the foundation stone for his future establishment, Vision Academy, during his college days. He holds an expertise in playing various instruments, having mastered them since his childhood. However, while he played well to the extent he performed with his own band in various college gigs and festivals, even having people approach him for music lessons, he also had a vision of joining the Indian Air Force.

He would regularly prepare for his exams, working hard and ensuring he mastered every detail, a pattern he followed while mastering each musical instrument. At the same time, he was teaching some students part-time since 2019. His perseverance and dedication paid off when he cleared the AFCAT exam and the interview to join the Air Force in 2021. This was a turning point in his life, and he was faced with a difficult decision - to choose between his love for music and his dream of serving the country “Life presents you with so many decisions. A lot of times, they’re right infront of your face and they’re really difficult, but we must make them.” – Brittany Murphy, American Actress and Singer

Adolf Shervin lifted off the heavy decision with careful consideration, and as there was a low chance of picking up music post-service for the Air Force and with 125 students attending his lessons, he chose music. Bringing his vision to life, he established the music academy amidst the beautiful coastal town, Udupi, in 2021. His musical experience combined with his teaching prowess spread the academy’s name far and wide, with students even travelling over 60 kms regularly to pursue their passion for music. Numerous students have won accolades of the highest order, and Adolf Shervin has been recognized individually for his music prowess.

Soon, he established other branches in Manipal (2022), Karkala, and other areas adjacent to Udupi. Adolf has also recorded with noted musical personalities of the Kannada Film Industry like Vijay Prakash and V Manohar, which was very impressive and it however came with a price. Adolf had to travel to Bangalore every session, which was exhaustive and he also had to skip his live shows and training sessions.

He decided to establish a recording studio in the end of 2022 in Udupi, as everything became digitalized, and he didn’t have to mess up his regular schedule, and in May 2023, also opened a jam room in Manipal. The jam room serves as a platform for other students and musicians, with the required essentials like instruments and other facilities. Adolf’s foresight and business acumen has him establish a partnership with Shalom Academy in Chikkamagalur and serve as the Head of its Music Department.

“I desire to witness my academy produce world-class and genuine musicians, not those who merely possess the technical abilites to operate a musical instrument without life.” – Adolf Shervin, Founder

Adolf Shervin has laid out plans of taking Vision Academy of Music to another level with his other dreams, as he is planning to release his own music with Trident The Band, a group of which he is a member. And as they’re closely connected with each other as well as other members within the academy, they act as one big family, performing each training and jamming session together. Under his guidance, Vision Academy of Music shall be fulfilling its vision by staying as an academy for future musicians.

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