An Engineer's Heart and a Baker's Soul: The Sweet Success of Hema V. Narayankar

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In the world of baking, where the delicate balance between heat and precision reigns supreme, the specter of a melting pastry cake looms like a formidable nightmare for many. Yet, in the heart of this culinary challenge, Hema V. Narayankar, an engineer by profession and a baker by unyielding passion, embarked on a journey that transcended the ordinary, where secrets remained tightly guarded.

Even though she confides in the art of her cake-craft, the elusive secret, like a treasure concealed in the depths of her soul, remains a mystery. It is a testament to her dedication and devotion, a private key to her sweet success, locked away in the vaults of her ingenuity, entrusted to the pages of destiny. IIB Magazine, intrigued by her enchanting craft, bows to the enchantment and respects her art demands, vowing to keep this enigmatic recipe as her closely guarded trade secret.

Yet, Hema's indomitable spirit does not merely find its zenith in the alchemy of cake-making. It courses through every endeavour she embarks upon, setting the stage for her triumphs and leaving an indelible mark upon her path to success. In the grand journey of her life, a Guinness World Record stands as an emblem of her audacity to dream and achieve.

The year 2019 witnessed a remarkable spectacle orchestrated by Hema and her compatriots—a "Longest Single Line Bicycles Parade," a spectacle that etched their names into the annals of history. On the vibrant streets of Hubballi, Karnataka, India, this feat bore testimony to Hema's ceaseless dedication to shattering boundaries, showcasing her indomitable spirit, and her innate leadership abilities that left the world in awe.

But behind the veneer of accolades and triumphs lies a story of profound resilience and familial devotion. Like any quintessential Indian family, Hema was the cherished jewel in the crown of her parents, adorned with the love of her father, mother, and two elder siblings. However, life took a harsh turn when, at the tender age of 15, she was confronted with the heart-wrenching loss of her father to a sudden cardiac arrest. Despite the shadows that cast a pall over her family, Hema and her siblings marched forward with unwavering determination, emerging as engineers, a testament to their father's legacy.

This indomitable fire that ignited within Hema continues to blaze, undeterred by life's trials. With a vision as grand as her father's, or perhaps even grander, she ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. Siyascreation and Engineerskitchen, her two business ventures, symbolize her unyielding commitment to forge her own path. In Siyascreation, she delves into the intricate art of resin, while Engineerskitchen is her canvas for the delectable realm of baking.

Balancing her dreams with the demands of her career as a research assistant at K L E Technological University in Hubli, Hema V. Narayankar exemplifies the unyielding spirit of those who dare to dream beyond the ordinary.

Her educational journey, adorned with a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from RTE’S Engineering College Hulkoti, Gadag, and a Diploma in Civil Engineering from the Government Women's Polytechnic in Hubli, provides the sturdy pillars upon which her illustrious career stands. She did her schooling at New English School, Hubli. This comprehensive education fortified her with the knowledge and wisdom to navigate the labyrinthine world of civil engineering.

Yet, Hema's story is not confined to the halls of academia alone. She has stepped beyond, etching her name in the pages of history with her Guinness World Record achievement, a testament to her commitment to pushing boundaries. Her technical prowess shines brilliantly through her participation in the prestigious TARKASH 2K13, a State Level Technical Fest held at STJIT Ranebennur, where she garnered accolades for her technical acumen.

Her unrelenting dedication found further validation when she secured the coveted first prize in the "Shilpi Event" during INSIGNIA 14, a National Level Techno Fest, and continued to shine with yet another first prize, this time in the "Nidhi Event 15" conducted during INSIGNIA.

The culmination of her educational journey was marked by her final year project, the monumental "Monolithic Structures." Her unwavering commitment to this endeavour epitomized her dedication to advancing the field of civil engineering, and her desire to contribute to the creation of robust and innovative solutions in the realm of infrastructure.

Hema V. Narayankar's educational feats, remarkable world record, and triumphs in technical competitions bear testament to her unwavering commitment to the field of civil engineering. Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring engineers and stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that await those who relentlessly pursue their passions. In her story, we find the embodiment of a dreamer, a doer, and an individual whose spirit refuses to be confined by the ordinary.

Recently, she was bestowed with the esteemed Sir. M Visveswaraya Engineering Excellence Award, established by IIB Magazine, a recognition of her outstanding achievements in the field of engineering.

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