Chandra Shekar S: The Prime Powerhouse of Manufacturing

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“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford

Chandra Shekar. S is a resident of Bangalore who worked for a decade in another company involved in equipment manufacturing, where he regularly contributed massively to the company’s growth with his excellent skillset and decision-making process. The 2008 recession struck hard everywhere, and India was no exception. Several people lost their jobs and salary rates declined, and he was unfortunately one among them. However, he did not lose an ounce of faith and courage, as he worked in several industries before eventually choosing hospitality. In 2013, he decided to give a shot at entrepreneurship, as he established Prime Hospitality Equipments and Services in Bangalore.

The initial days presented themselves as a period of difficulties with minimal to nil orders, as Chandra Shekar. S attempted to navigate and find the sweet spot to generate income with the crème-de-la-crème of hospitality equipment. However, his resilience proved to be bigger than these difficulties, as he led the marketing campaigns and was able to arrange deals with numerous hotels via his contacts. Orders were small to medium-sized, which barely deterred him from quitting, and he ensured Prime Hospitality Equipments and Services continued providing top-quality products.

Prime Hospitality Equipments and Services a leading manufacturer of top-quality equipment that caters to a diverse range of kitchen needs. Their extensive range of products includes steam cooking equipment, refrigeration equipments, pre-preparation equipments, bakery equipments, bar equipment, dishwashing equipments, Display units and Kitchen Exhaust /Fresh air systems. The versatile team at Prime Hospitality is well-equipped to design customized kitchen layouts that cater to individual needs, and they also offer a range of work tables, racks, trolleys, and sinks to help facilitate smooth kitchen operations.

Prime Hospitality is known for being one of the professional consultants & designers of COMMERCIAL KITCHENS for Hotels, restaurants like ARENA BREWHOUE, PUMP HOUSE, HARDROCK CAFÉ, GATSBY COCKTAILS AND CUISINE, LUPA, MONKEY BAR, THE GYPSY PUB & KITCHEN, RCB, DOUBLE BARREL, THE GLOBAL HUTS RESTO BAR and many more restaurants associated with manufacture and supply of RELATED EQUIPMENTS on a TURNKEY basis,Prime Hospitality has made them accessible to a wider Indian audience. The company is dedicated to providing quality and innovative kitchen products, making them a trustworthy name for all your kitchen needs.

Prime Hospitality is a company that prioritizes its clients above everything else. The company strives to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by ensuring that quality is upheld in every aspect of its operations. This is evident in the rigorous quality testing procedures that its products undergo under the guidance of experienced quality inspectors.

From the stage of raw material procurement to the delivery of the final product, Prime Hospitality implements strict quality control systems to ensure that the end product meets the highest standards of quality. This comprehensive approach to quality control ensures that Prime Hospitality maintains a spotless reputation in the market and continues to provide its customers with products of exceptional quality.

The COVID-19 Pandemic was a turbulent time for the company, as orders for equipment were at an all-time low and most hotels and restaurants were closed. However, with patience and stability, Chandra Shekar. S was able to push Prime Hospitality back to its golden form and is currently operating even more.

The kitchen equipment manufacturing industry is witnessing more people attempting to set up their businesses. Noting this, Chandra Shekar. S states, “Many people enter this industry after working for a year or two in factories as welders and other roles. They even offer affordable prices, however, the results are far from perfect. The key reasons would be their lack of experience, understanding of customers’ requirements, and their minimal expertise with the materials.”

Chandrashekar has formulated plans to expand Prime Hospitality’s business ventures with the establishment of a well-facilitated factory, supplying materials in wholesale retail. Under his vision and business acumen, Prime Hospitality is manufacturing its own baking and kitchen equipment as Primex and Bake Master. We at Icons of Indian Business wish him and his company the best in their future endeavors and hope they attain success at each stage.

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