Culinary Royalty: Indian Accent's Triumphant Hat-Trick

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In the realm of culinary excellence, the coveted list of India's finest dining establishments for the year 2023 has been unveiled. Once again, amidst a myriad of gastronomic experiences, the celebrated Indian Accent at The Lodhi, nestled in the heart of New Delhi, has ascended to the pinnacle of gastronomic brilliance. This remarkable feat marks the third occasion on which Indian Accent has reigned supreme at the prestigious Condé Nast Traveller Top Restaurant Awards, an accolade that it first claimed during the inaugural edition in 2017, and then triumphantly recaptured in 2019.

Not to be overshadowed, the runner-up in this distinguished assembly of culinary eminence is Bomras, an enchanting culinary gem adorning the picturesque shores of Goa. Making a noteworthy ascent, Mumbai's illustrious Masque, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to ingredients, proudly secured the third spot in this illustrious ranking of culinary establishments.

The Condé Nast Traveller Top Restaurant Awards stand as an unwavering testament to the definitive and authoritative ranking of India's crème de la crème restaurants. This esteemed list is meticulously curated through an arduous process of voting that entails the discerning verdicts of a hundred jurors hailing from all corners of the nation. Each juror cast their votes with utmost discretion, under the watchful gaze of an impartial auditor. These jurors, encompassing food connoisseurs, esteemed critics, visionary creators, and other tastemakers, were meticulously vetted to ensure their impartiality and to maintain a vibrant representation of regional diversity.

After a three-year hiatus precipitated by the constraints of a protracted lockdown, the resplendent return of the Top Restaurant Awards for this year heralds a reinvigorated dining landscape, replete with intriguing shifts in culinary preferences across the subcontinent. The hallowed halls of classic dining establishments have witnessed a changing of the guard, as new luminaries have risen to prominence. Among the new arrivals, the wildly popular Veronica's in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai ascended to the upper echelons of this illustrious list, securing a coveted spot in the top ten.

While the sun-soaked shores of Goa may have been expected to dominate this prestigious gathering, it is the bustling city of Mumbai that has emerged as the paragon of gastronomic delight, with a resounding presence of twelve culinary havens in the coveted Top 50 list. In close pursuit, the vibrant city of Bengaluru proudly boasts eleven establishments of culinary excellence, while the illustrious capital city of Delhi holds its own with eight culinary marvels. Not to be outdone, the enchanting vistas of Goa reveal their culinary prowess with an impressive tally of seven establishments that have merited inclusion among India's finest dining experiences.

Here is the full list of India’s best restaurants at Top Restaurant Awards 2023:

1.      Indian Accent, The Lodhi, New Delhi

2.      Bomras, Goa

3.      Masque, Mumbai

4.      Avartana, ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

5.      Sienna Store & Café, Kolkata

6.      The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai

7.      O Pedro, Mumbai

8.      Veronica’s, Mumbai

9.      Americano, Mumbai

10. Izumi Bandra, Mumbai

11. Bengaluru Oota Company, Bengaluru

12. Cavatina by Avinash Martins, Goa

13. Seefah, Mumbai

14. The Table, Mumbai

15. For The Record - Vinyl Bar, Goa

16. Le Cirque Signature, The Leela Palace, Bengaluru

17. The Restaurant, The Bangala, Karaikudi

18. Izumi Assagao, Goa

19. Bhawan, Gurugram

20. Comorin, Gurugram

21. Edible Archives, Goa

22. Kappa Chakka Kandhari, Chennai

23. Lupa, Bengaluru

24. FarmLore, Bengaluru

25. Jamun, Goa

26. Olive Bar and Kitchen, New Delhi

27. La Loca Maria, Mumbai

28. Karavalli, Vivanta Bengaluru Residency Road, Bengaluru

29. Bar Palladio, Jaipur

30. Falak, The Leela Bhartiya City, Bengaluru

31. Plats, New Delhi

32. Wasabi by Morimoto - The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

33. Baan Thai, The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

34. Burma Burma Restaurant & Tearoom, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

35. Carnatic Café, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi

36. Petisco, Goa

37. Noon, Mumbai

38. Ekaa, Mumbai

39. The Glenburn Penthouse Restaurant, Kolkata

40. Southern Spice, Taj Coromandel, Chennai

41. Oota Bangalore, Bengaluru

42. Naru Noodle Bar, Bengaluru

43. Boteco - Restaurante Brasileiro, Bengaluru

44. Bread and Chocolate, White Town, Puducherry

45. The Johri, Jaipur

46. Toast & Tonic, Bengaluru

47. Chinoiserie, Taj Bengal, Kolkata

48. Coromandel Cafe, Puducherry

49. Cafe Lota, New Delhi

50. Baoshuan, The Oberoi, New Delhi