Daya Sagar D: Turning Performing Arts Aspirants into Pioneers

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Kids grow up with a heart filled with hope and a head filled with dreams. However, the harsh reality of life shatters most of their dreams, resulting in a majority of them choosing careers that collide with their real-life interest. A solution that allows kids in the future to earn a reasonable income while pursuing their passion is to get them trained at an academy that specializes in their passion.

This vision was realized by Daya Sagar D, who is assisting kids to reach their pinnacle by strengthening their Pinnaculum, which happens to be the name of Daya’s institute. Daya was born and brought up in Bengaluru. In spite of hailing from a middle-class family where the income was meagre and mastering the art of dance was a costly affair those days, he pursued and completed his diploma and MA in dance. His dance teacher took care of most of his expenditures.

Reminiscing this, Daya states that education is moving now onto another track, and with the increase of aspiring dancers and other performers, the emphasis on a holistic education to be implemented is growing. Daya also has the desire to impart proper education involving the correct techniques and procedures for his students in karate, dance, music, and other performing arts, with the reason that most dancers, while talented, lack the proper technique and flow required to truly master the art.

Thus, Pinnaculum was established in 2018. Daya got the idea of training students while being a dance teacher in a school. He got inspiration from international schools, as to how they’d have regular periods of dance for students. Initially, they didn’t have the preferred structure to train students, till Bangalore University decided to initiate a Bachelor’s in Performative Arts, which has subjects like music, dance, and its variants, and hired him.  

Pinnaculum trains students in dance, karate, music, yoga, and fitness. A highlight of their fitness class is their exclusive usage of only the student’s body, which was inspired by people from the past and their ways of keeping themselves fit as a fiddle with barely any equipment. Pinnaculum’s financial struggles were somehow eradicated due to a former student-turned-dance teacher named Miss Sushmita Sharon R, who took a personal loan and provided it as a token of gratitude. Daya took it with the one or two lakhs that he had saved up and ensured the construction of Pinnaculum took place with minimal hassle during the pandemic. Miss Sharon handles the ins and outs of Pinnaculum, from admission to fees.

In spite of the dire conditions during the pandemic, with people closing down businesses and people resting in quarantine, Daya and his staff did not lose hope, and were filled with positive thoughts. A testament to their exceptional training and excellent effort is the fact that most of their students train at Pinnaculum due to its publicity via people’s word-of-mouth recommendations. Pinnaculum has barely done any promotion; as they haven’t even got one banner placed or one advertisement played.

Daya Sagar D plans to transform Pinnaculum into an academic institution that trains students and certifies them with a degree provided by Bangalore University. This provides legitimacy to their efforts and also helps aspiring dancers, musicians, and other future performers earn a safe and secure future. We at Icons of Indian Business wish him, his family, and Pinnaculum the best in their future endeavors, and ensure they always stay at the top with consistency, hard work, and determination.

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