First Marvel-based NFTs in India are about to be released

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Isn't it self-evident that the crypto frenzy has spread over the globe? This year has been no exception. NFTs, on the other hand, has been turning heads and trending in 2021. 


It has gone from being a niche term to becoming the only thing that everyone is talking about. 


Many celebrities and firms have begun minting NFTs after understanding the possibilities of stepping into this lucrative endeavor, in addition to many organizations across industries rushing to build and launch their NFT marketplaces to cash in on the term's popularity and gain success. 


Even as the year 2021 approaches its conclusion, the show does not appear to be coming to an end. The Chakraverse event is slated to launch India's first Marvel-based NFT today.


What is the significance of Chakra? 


The Chakraverse is about a superhero named Chakra, who is the result of a cooperation between Stan Lee, Gotham Chopra, and Sharad Devarajan, all of whom are well-known Marvel comic book creators. 


The plot centres around Raju Rai, who is infatuated with the concept of the seven chakras and is looking for a way to activate them. 


Dr Singh, a good doctor, is the result of his search. Raju dons the outfit and transforms into the new superhero Chakra- the Invincible, vowing to utilise his talents for good, protect the people of Mumbai, and bring evil to justice as a result of a series of events. 


As a comic book character, Chakra quickly became a fan favourite, and his success helped him appear in animated videos and short films. Now, Chakra takes a step forward and moves from the comic book industry to the NFT world!


The Chakraverse is an event that takes place every year. 


On December 27, the Chakraverse, a sequence of NFT drops, will take place. The event is only available through BeyondLife and will not be held anywhere else. Users can participate in sales and auctions for a chance to win a variety of fascinating items. 


Several NFT collection users can currently participate, as well as one very special event. 


All of the events that are expected to take place are listed here. 


Box of Chakras 


The Chakraverse NFT's first event will allow customers to purchase a Loot Box and be guaranteed one Chakra Artpunk. Any NFT aficionado, comic book fan, or digital collector will like the collection, which features 6,865 generative NFTs. The cost of each Loot Box is $25, and sales begin on December 27th (PST).


Artpunks Chakra 


The following event is a showcase of exclusive character stills from the Chakra comics. This collection immortalises the signature attributes of characters in an NFT format. On the 27th of December, the collection will be released, with 15 outstanding NFT Artpunks up for sale.