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The invention of the washing machine save many a residents lives, as it has been a time saver with providing effective results on clothes. And in this era where technology runs rampant and intertwines our lives, the laundry industry has witnessed a meteoric rise in the utilization of laundry services. However, customers have their complaints like the clothes not being washed properly or them getting torn and other defects. This occurs due to reasons such as purchasing and ill-maintenance of the machines, which can bring a huge loss for the laundry industry.

Gupta Electrical Industries (GEI) COMMERCIAL LAUNDRY MACHINES has been a backbone to the Indian laundry industry for over seven decades, supplying only the best of commercial washing machines. Established by the visionary Sri K,L, Padmanabha Gupta in 1951, GEI initially started out as an electrical trading unit. By 1968, GEI expanded its services to manufacturing electric stoves and began to prosper even more to the point it was able to purchase and establish its own premises in Peenya, a noted industrial area in Bangalore in 1981.

This establishment was a beneficial move for GEI and its clientele, as it began the manufacturing of the GEI Laundry Machines in 1998, providing the laundry companies in Bangalore with the crème-de-la-creme of well-built advanced washing machines. GEI began experiencing a steady growth in business and revenue with this initiation, and soon it upgraded its products with the induction of CNC Machines in 2006. A decade of constant research and experimentation led to CGI successfully launching its indigenously developed fully automatic washer extractor in 2016 and then took the laundry industry up a notch with its developed ozone wash technology in 2019.

A history of success is one of the key players that attracts GEI’s clientele, but the reason they stay as lifetime customers is due to its wide embracement towards perfection in every stage with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. ‘Premium’ would be the perfect word to describe GEI, with its extreme dedication towards quality control into ensuring each client is provided maximum satisfaction. The machines are computer-aided designs, which guarantees precision, and are manufactured with only the best raw material and spares.

GEI always stays committed to enhancing customer satisfaction and meeting their specific requirements through continual improvement in its Quality Management System by involving all the employees. It is also ISO certified by TUV(SAAR), which is a guarantee seal of peak quality. With other products such as tumble dryer, hydro extractor, flat bed press, and vaccum ironing table, GEI similarly aims to expand its business worldwide, providing everyone the cream of the crop in washing machines and other necessary equipment.