Google may invest $4 million in Indian AI start-up

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Google is likely to be investing nearly $4 million in Indian AI start-up Corover is in the process of developing a Large Language Model called BharatGPT, which is said to be able to support over a dozen Indian languages.  

At the 9th edition of Google for India 2023, the tech major said new partnerships are being announced between Google Pay and the government. 

According to reports, Google has committed to a non-equity funding of $500,000 in the startup, with the majority disbursed since March and the remainder expected by December. Sources indicate that an additional $4 million will be invested as equity after the imminent launch of the chatbot in the coming weeks. 

As a strategic partner, Google extends credits for the usage of its cloud computing services to the startup. The infusion of the latest funding is anticipated to support BharatGPT in scaling up its operations in the future, as outlined in the report.