Hassan District police constable who grew tomatoes and earned Rs. 20 Lakh

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Due to rain and other reasons, the price of vegetables in the market has increased and the price of tomato has skyrocketed. This time tomato farmers and traders are holding hands. Thus farmers are paying more attention to tomato crop and are earning good income.

A police officer of Hassan district has disclosed that he has earned good income from tomato crop. Byresh is a constable in the Hassan Mobile Police Station and is a farmer by profession.

Bairesh of Bastihalli village of Halebidu Hobali in Belur taluk has grown tomatoes in his one acre six gunta land and has earned more than expected income. It is said that Bairesh earned an income of 20 lakh rupees from the tomato crop including the days of tomato price hike.

Despite the pressure of government police work, Bairesh, who has earned millions of rupees by cultivating good crops, is expecting to grow another thousand boxes of tomatoes. Even the land of Bairesh, who is now a policeman, has not been spared by thieves.

Recently, one day thieves broke into Bairesh's farm and stole more than a hundred boxes of tomatoes. After that Bairesh woke up and guarded the field overnight and saved Tomoto. Inspite of lack of rain, diseases and thieves, Byresh has grown tomatoes and earned a huge income, district and inter-district traders are buying tomatoes from him. As the price of tomatoes increases, the number of thieves in the farmers' fields also increases. A similar incident happened in Hassan recently. Tomato theft took place in Goni Somanahalli of Belur taluk of Hassan district. Thieves stole tomatoes worth more than one and a half lakh rupees from the farm of a farmer named Dharani of Goni Somanahalli. The thieves broke into the farm overnight and stole 50 to 60 bags of tomatoes and escaped. A complaint was filed at the Halebidu Rural Police Station regarding the incident.