Here's About Prakash Imde, who built 1.5 cr worth house by selling cows milk

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Prakash Imde started a very tough farming life with just one cow and four acres of ancestral land. As the land was not suitable for cultivation, Prakash Imde gave up farming and started selling milk and hemp. Prakash Imde started this milk business in 1998. Due to the technological system adopted in dairy farming, Prakash's milk business has grown to heights. Prakash Imde's farm now produces 1,000 liters per day. Prakash Imde earns Rs 1.5 crore annually from milk and hemp. Prakash Imde's entire family is involved in this dairy farming. Prakash Imde's family manages the farm by feeding the calf, milking it, doing all the care work.

Prakash named the cow Lakshmi when he started his business. That cow died in 2006. After its death, Prakash Imde has cultivated Lakshmi's breed till now. Imde has never sold a single calf. Prakash Imde's dairy farm has a total of 150 cows so far. Prakash is fondly called Bapu by the villagers. Bapu begins his day's work by worshiping the cow and Goddess Lakshmi. Not only that, a photo of a cow is kept in the god room of his house. In addition, the bungalow they built was named as Godhan Niwas. A statue of a cow and a milk kettle have been installed on the terrace of his house, which is also attracting the attention of the people in and around the village.

 Prakash Imde has done a lot of experiments using advanced technology in dairy farming. Thereby, they have created employment opportunities in their village. Cows and calves on Prakash Imde's farm require four to five tonnes of green fodder and most of the grass is grown in his garden. Additional fodder is purchased from the market. They have built a separate big tank for the water needed by their domestic animals. Prakash Imde's success story in dairy farming has inspired several entrepreneurs around the town. To see this achievement of Prakash Imde, many people interested in dairy farming from the state and outside the state are coming to the dairy farm every day. Prakash Imde is sharing his experience for those who are interested by walking around the whole garden.