Journey Of Delicious And Delightful Cookies: Unibic

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Unibic, came to India in 2004 with the iconic Anzac and Bradman cookies. Over the years, Unibic has grown its range to over 30 variants and has been regularly introducing fresh & unique flavours to cookie connoisseurs around the world.Headquartered in Bangalore, Unibic is known for its rich and flavoursome cookies that take a bite of the premium cookie market.


Powered by a team of over 800 motivated individuals, Unibic is proud to have top management that comprises industry veterans who bring domain knowledge and the acumen of investors from Peepul Capital.Peepul Capital has been part of the growth journey of more than forty companies across diverse sectors over the last 15 years. Peepul Capital combines the strength of the local investment team with a global reach and focus. The relationships of the team have played a significant role in identifying and sourcing opportunities across various life cycle stages.


Unibic offers a wide portfolio of products that can be broadly categorised as chocolate, butter, milk, savoury& health. But that tells only a part of the story. Even in a category like butter, the choice ranges from the classics like Butter Cookies and Cashew to the unique Doosra Chilli Butter Cookies.Unibic’s promise of more is amply demonstrated in every product. For example, Choco Chip has 21% chocolate, one of the highest in the market while Butter Cookies contain 9.4% real butter, almost double the nearest competitor.


As an innovator, Unibic is second to none. A robust product development process with the involvement of senior management, marketing and sales along with the R&D team brings the best of consumer insights and innovating thinking to the creation of new variants. A history of firsts bears witness to this out-of-the-box approach. The first liquid chocolate centre cookies in the country – Choco Kiss – were launched by Unibic. A host of unique variants, Fruit&Nut, Milk Orange, Chilli Butter, Honey Oatmeal are products of a constant quest to introduce new experiences for the consumers. The new MyHealthy range of Ragi Cookies (with pure ghee), Gluten-free Cookies and the health-laden 40% Oats Cookies are the latest additions to the unique basket.


The company exports its cookies to more than 10 countries including across Australia, North America, UK & Europe, Asia, the Middle East and New Zealand. Unibic manufactures for private labels – 6 in India and 10 across the world. Powered by a team of over 800 motivated individuals, Unibic is spreading its brand of delicious richness to new geographies and welcoming more consumers into the fold every day.


Nikhil Sen, the Managing Director of UNIBIC believes that they are somewhere in between Britannia’s good day and the expensive cookies. He has 20 years of experience as Chief Operating Officer in Britannia till 2005. After that, turn over concentrated on popularizing the Australian based brand Unibic in India to bring about changes in the sector. By the financial year 2013 the reached up to 100 crores of revenue and it seems that they had a turnover through the years.

They believe in creating futures by working hard for it in a fruitful way. Everybody is passionate about their work and they are more centered to the “we can and we will” attitude. They consistently focus on enhancing the entrepreneurial skill of their workers. So that they will be able to compete in the global race by taking advantage of every single chance. They are on the way to prove themselves as leading cookies maker.


In order to grab a major part of the market, it is paying attention to nutritious and healthy biscuits. Unibic has launched chyawanprash cookies with all the wellness of chyawanprash and is good for health. Bangalore factory manufactures these cookies and distributes all over India. It has the license from Department of Ayush, Government of India to use chyawanprash as an ingredient. Unibic has tried its best to keep the balance between the essence of chyawanprash and the taste. There is a perfect blend of flavor and taste in these cookies. The chyawanprash is sourced from Sri Sri Ayurveda in Bangalore.


The Unibic factory is the largest integrated cookie manufacturing plant in the country, with 5 production lines and a capacity of 30,000 tonnes a year. That’s a lot of cookies for you to enjoy!