KukkeShree Travels: Enhancing Journeys Everyday, Everywhere

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“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Exploring the world has been the core factor that has led humans to learn and experience the vast and unknown flora and fauna nature has to offer. Over time, humans have leveraged vast resources to comfort our lives in each area, from stay to food, travel, and other needs. Traveling has been at an all-time high, especially with the promotion of places via social media, and travel companies like KukkeShree Travels, located in Bangalore, are facilitating bus journeys.

Devaraju V initiated his career in the travel industry. He arrived in Bangalore in 1997 from Mandya’s Maddur, noted for its delicious Maddur Vades, after completing his education. He comes from a farmer’s family, where they grow sugarcane and name on their plot. He soon joined Padma Travels, a travel agency as a booking agent for three years with a monthly salary of 1000, out of which he would send 500.

Once he attended a friend’s wedding, and the conversation and thoughts he had with the individuals present ignited the spark of establishing his own company. He leased a bus and would take people on trips to various reputed destinations, notably Dharmasthala, which was met with success. He continued this service until 2005, bringing in huge profits and giving peak customer satisfaction. He turned this individualized service into a company and established KukkeShree Travels in 2006. He purchased his first bus, which was priced at 7 lakh rupees, and continued his regular trips to and from Dharmasthala with success. He added four more buses by the second year, and the buses’ fleet size expanded to over 50 buses currently, all purchased independently without lease.

KukkeShree Travels provides its customers with an excellent sleeper bus experience. The company places great emphasis on maintaining the buses, including the seats, floors, engines, and tires. They hire only the most disciplined drivers and staff members to ensure that the job is executed perfectly, employing over 200 people. It also has integrated a great technology of live bus tracking in almost all of its buses. This technology helps passengers to be informed about the real-time position of the bus, thus allowing them to plan their commute to the bus stand accordingly. It also helps to avoid the unwanted stress of missing or waiting for the bus in case of any delays. Additionally, KukkeShree Travels has a maintenance facility where the buses receive regular check-ups to eliminate even the smallest defects.

“Our staff members are also human, and our treatment is humane. Mishaps can occur at any given moment, so a spare driver or two shall accompany the main driver, and both get paid on time and well for their services.” - Devaraju V

KukkeShree Travels has greatly benefited from the availability of online payments, which has significantly reduced payment-related hassles, resulting in fewer conflicts between the company and its customers. The company operates buses that travel to Gadag, Gulbarga, and Raichur, as well as special trips to and from Goa, Ooty, and other destinations. KukkeShree Travels also provides the advantage of easy online ticket booking, which eliminates the need for customers to travel to book their seats.

Despite receiving free buses under the Government of Karnataka’s schemes, KukkeShree Travels still has to pay certain taxes as it is a private organization. There have been disputes with government-related organizations regarding compensation. Furthermore, the ease of handling and maintaining an electric bus has prompted many companies, including KukkeShree Travels, to invest in these vehicles and add them to their fleets.

“The future shall witness a surge in popularity with electrical buses, and adapting to it would be beneficial. A private bus company has purchased 1000 buses for trips to Tirupati, Chennai, and other places.” - Devaraju V

The travel industry is currently witnessing a rise in the number of entrepreneurs establishing their own companies, with an estimated 200 new businesses emerging. Each of these companies hopes to reach the top and set itself as a benchmark for success. KukkeShree Travels is one of these new companies, and it plans to purchase electric buses to bring the future to the present. Additionally, the company intends to extend its travel routes to popular destinations such as Hyderabad, Cochin, and Chennai.

Connect with KukkeShree Travels: +91 9739895666, https://www.kukkeshreetravels.com/index.html