Lata Vishwanath: The Multi-Talented Entrepreneur

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People are either talented or they work hard. But what happens when a talented person is determined to succeed through hard work and dedication? Everyone benefits and prosperity follows them, which is naturally the best outcome. The modern world is seeing a rise of entrepreneurs, writers, doctors, teachers, and other professionalswho are providing value to the world around them through their services and products, as their lives serve as inspiring lessons for the rest to implement and improve their lives.

Lata Vishwanath is one such entrepreneur and writer. She was born and brought up in Madhya Pradesh to parents from Karnataka. She spent her childhood in beautiful and mesmerising places like Gwalior and Jabalpur in the 1970s and was also an academic prodigy in her school and college with top marks in each subject, especially Mathematics and Science. Her high interest and fascination with the two subjects considered a nightmare by most students directed her towards pursuing engineering.

Madhya Pradesh state education board till early 80s had eleven-year schooling system and those students graduating to pursue engineering had to spend five years to obtain the degree. However, Lata studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya under the CBSE board, which after her 12th board exam paved the way to secure one of the two merit seats in the second year of Jabalpur Engineering College to pursue and excel in electronics and telecommunication engineering. Post-graduation in 1984, she soon got married and shifted to Delhi.

Lata initiated her soon-to-be illustrious career, taking the first step as she worked for a television manufacturer. Gaining the required experience, she joined the DRDO under the Naval Staff as a scientist and later made the next move towards The Department of Electronics. She continued her position as a scientist with a network of testing labs aimed to assist small-scaleindustries in testing andcertification of their electronics productsas per national and international standards. Her passion and hard work did not go unnoticed, and she was soon promoted.

For a decade, Lata continued contributing her efficient skills and ingenious ideas till a desire to study overcame her, and she pursued her Master’sdegree at the University of Malaya in Malaysia. Language barriers were mere obstacles in her path, as she graduated with an M.Phil in materials science with thesis in materials for Fibre Optics & Optical Communication. Singapore witnessed her arrival post-graduation, as she worked in a private company and imparted her electronics knowledge and skills to the working adults in its skills and development centre. Institute of Materials Research and Engineering later hired her for a researcher’s role, where she would perform in-depth research on compound semiconductors-based Lasers and light emitting diodes for countless hours.

With a mind to contribute and add value to our planet and the society at large, she leveraged the power of her pen and pursued a creative writing diploma. She got the opportunity to interview people from the Singapore based elite IIT-Alumni associationfor magazines and depict their journey with words, phrases, and sentences that captivated the hearts and minds of the readers. Her passion and enthusiasm for writing are matched by only the best of authors, as she has published four books with success and earned recognition and awards for the same.

Entrepreneurship with a focus on renewable energy and sustainability was another calling for Lata after her successful years as a researcher, as she arrived at Bangalore and soon started a solar company with her husband. While looking over the company as the director, she took up an entrepreneurship course in 2017 to polish her business acumen and completed it with success. The successful run of her company could not proceed smoothly due to bureaucratic red tapes followed by COVID-19; however, Lata and her husband merely saw it as a stepping stone towards eventual success. The year 2022 saw Lata establish LV Surya Tech to manufacture and provide solar simulators to manufacturers of solar cells. A differentiating factor that places LV Surya Tech above the rest is its dedication to manufacturing each product indigenously, with major part of its hardware designed and fabricated locally.

Lata continues to write on renewable energy, environment, and sustainability in different genres -as articles, poetry, or a fictional story. In addition, Lata is an advocate for women’s empowerment, writing articles on them and providing opportunities for women STEM graduates in her company, especially those coming from rural areas in proximity of Bengaluru.

Lata Vishwanath is contributing immensely towards the expansion of the Indian solar industry with her ingenious methods of manufacturing solar simulators within the affordable economical range while maintaining the premium quality. Her works as an author have been inspiring towards women’s empowerment and knowing more about the daily lives of numerous people. We at Icons of Indian Business wish her and her family the best in their future endeavors and hope they attain success at every stage.

Connect with Lata Vishwanath : +91 70224 09311