Lathikasri Packaging: Gifting Families with Perfection

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Rabindranath Tagore, the noted poet and composer of ‘Jana Gana Mana’, once stated, “You are invited to the festival of this world, and your life is blessed,” and it indeed applies. Every day of one’s life should be celebrated with joy and happiness, and with India having numerous festivals, this makes it all the more joyous to celebrate and live each day. Sharing gifts to family and close friends can be a joyous occasion, and also act as a way to thank them for existing in their lives as a solid rock support. Selecting the appropriate gift is a cruicial art that makes or breaks the present, and if not done properly, leads to disappointment from the receiver and waste of money for the giver.

Lathikasri, located in Bangalore, is a company involved with the manufacturing of paper products and bag industry. Providing an astonishingly wide range of packaging solutions, the Lathikasri Packaging team goes all the way out to ensure its customers are provided extreme satisfaction with its peak innovation and ingenuity. Giftboxes, housewarming, and Deepavali Gifts are some of the specialities Lathika Packaging indulges in, with other products such as bppkcases, wooden lamps, chairs, and coffee tables.

Lathikasri’s giftboxes are a delight and treat to purchase, with a ton of varieties for various occasions. The Nutcracker enables a sweet and visually appeasing arrangement of the finest chocolates, sweets, and dry fruits in one box for the receiver to have a good time while enjoying the gift. ‘Nostalgia And Treats’ giftbox is the perfect reminder of capturing and storing happy memories in a box with its simple yet soul-soothing arrangement and assortment of abstract goodies and delicious munchies, perfect for any occasion. For a surprise occasion, ‘A Debauched Shock’ Gift Box is the perfect companion, as it’s filled with Lathikasri’s selected delicacies of a dry organic product mix of almonds, pistachios, cashews, and raisins.

A key factor contributing towards the growth of Lathikasri Packaging is its experienced and efficient team. With over 12 years of manufacturing and trading, Lathkasri Packaging’s team has successfully maintained its reputation within the paper products and bag industry. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of the team, and it ensures it is provided at all times under any circumstance. The pricing of these products are made surprisingly affordable for its clientele, and it also pushes quick lead-times to ensure clients are always followed up with updates on its orders.

Lathikasri Packaging has been gifting people with perfection and happiness while maintain premium quality. Its custom-printed paper shopping bags are fashionable, sturdy, and reusable. It aims to expand its premium service and excellent products across Karnataka and eventually, pan-India. It continues to put smiles onto its clientele while they gift their loved ones with the fines of gifts, courtesy of Lathikasri Packaging.

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