Mahesh Gurajapalli: The Exemplary Visionary behind Yashaswini Builder Pvt. Ltd.

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Noted Canadian-American architect and designer Frank Gehry once profoundly stated, “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” Architecture is essential for the proper and stable construction of beautiful houses and buildings, as a building with peak aesthetic and peak structure is often discussed for centuries. The Colosseum in Rome, The Hall of Nations in New Delhi, The Indian Coffee House in Thiruvananthapuram, and Kanchenjunga Apartments in Mumbai are some of the structures that reinforce the necessity for architecture.

With his team of experienced and visionary architects to create similar uniqueness to each project, Mahesh Gurajapalli aims to construct the crème-de-la-crème of apartments for its clientele to engage, immerse, and relax every time they come home after a harrowing day. Born and bought up in Vijayawada, Mahesh Gurajapalli had only one dream: to arrive and settle at Bangalore. Post-graduation with a B.Com, he arrived at Bangalore and began toiling hard on a daily basis with dedication and commitment even though the salary was meagre at his workplace.

Bangalore in the 90s saw a boom in the Real Estate business. Several prominent businessmen, investors, and people of various professions entered the real estate world. Even gangsters reduced the bloodshed and violence as they entered the market and earned profits incomprehensible to most people. Mahesh Gurajapalli entered the real estate market in 1994 and initially began with residential layout development. Soon, his business acumen and efficiency with providing perfectly designed layouts did not go unnoticed, and his clientele base began to expand.

Mahesh and his partner worked together, and in 2007, he established Yashaswini Builder Pvt. Ltd., crafting life spaces for families desiring their children to live a steady and secure life. Yashaswini Builder Pvt. Ltd. symbolizes home and hearth as its business, sprit, and philosophy, as it states these two as the key ingredients for the perfect living environment. A key factor that easily separates Yashaswini Builder Pvt. Ltd. from its competitors is their marvellous ability to construct premium-quality homes on-time. Mahesh Gurajapalli’s dedication towards quality is not only well-known in India, but also worldwide, as a majority of his clientele consists of NRIs seeking to provide a culturally-strong and secure childhood to their children within the ideal environment.  His vision and guidance also ensures each project constructed is within a reachable distance from the best hospitals, schools, supermarkets, making travelling easy and convenient for the fortunate residents. It consistently follows the ‘S’ factor – space, sophistication, service, and sensibility for each project.

Yashaswini Builders have completed several prominent projects like Yashaswini Meadows, which is a blend of modern and tradition, and it also adheres to the principles of Vaastu. The interiors are modernized with upgraded and coherent designs that serve nothing less than peak functionality and aesthetics, which could hypnotize the residents into admiring each corner far longer than expected. The architects and planners have also constructed incredible facilities such as a swimming pool, a well-equipped gym, a jogging track, a wi-fi facility, and have even provided a unique entry element for each flat.

Mahesh Gurajapalli has hired over 200 employees with scrutiny and plans to hire 500 people, as he continues to contribute to our society in more than just providing beautiful homes. Entrepreneurs like him form the backbone of our country’s economy. He states that consistency and hard work are the keys to eventual success, as only consistency with little effort will provide small-time rewards.

Connect with Mahesh Gurajapalli : +91 98455 30159