Meet Mr.Nitin Kapoor, CEO and Co-Founder, Indian Beautiful Arts

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Nitin Kapoor is the CEO and co-founder of IBA Crafts Private Limited located in Noida since 2009. He has earned his MBA in marketing and accounting from Amity University and has previously worked for over five years with leading MNCs like Kotak Wealth and Standard Chartered in HNI Wealth Advisory.


He founded IBA to bridge the gap of global trade in the Indian industry for e-commerce platforms. It was also the starting point of the business across the border. Under his leadership, the company has managed to become the largest online seller for Indian ethnic products.


Nitin leads new product development, vendor/marque clientele management and global product sourcing of the business. Before starting with IBA, Nitin worked with Standard Chartered Bank as a Financial Manager. He was also a part of Kotak Wealth Management in Delhi as a Wealth Manager for three years managing HNI and corporate investments.

Kapoor has successfully bagged seed funding for IBA from two IITians, Rohit Goel and Dr. Rajesh Sanghi. He operates a team of e-commerce experts to continuously expand his business. He started with online sales of Indian ethnic products on eBay, catering only to US markets. Today, IBA has currently shipped over 1 million products globally to over 136 countries and has crossed revenues of USD 5 Million with an net margin of over 30%. With over 500,000 global customers, the firm has established a solid, expanding and profitable customer base in 6 Continents.


As Kapoor outlines, the current business focus is divided in 7 areas. They are craft, jewellery, vintage, home decor, fashion, printing and health and beauty. Kapoor has also helped in building and nurturing eleven inhouse brands in each core retail area with returning customers across the globe.


Kapoor has also invested in partnerships and built relationships with leading and most-trusted e-commerce, payment and shipping brands like Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, DHL, Aramex, FedEx, PayPal, HDFC, ICICI and Kotak. He brings to the table a bold vision backed by exceptional execution and operational capability.


His strengths include targeting a fast growing, unorganized and untapped market, establishing a mature and profitable business model and building unique systems and internal processes. He has experience of serving over 400k customers across the globe and demonstrating repeat business with solid customer traction.