Punjab Boot House, which started with a capital of just 1000 rupees, today has a turnover of 10 crore rupees

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Punjab Boot House, a flourishing footwear business in Gulbarga City is a perfect example of hard work and dedication. The current owner of Punjab Boot House. Mr. Surinder Veer Singh Chhabra narrated how his father Amrik Singh Chhabra built such a fantastic organization. Amrik Singh Chhabra, a passionate entrepreneur moved to Hyderabad from Ludhiana, Punjab at the age of 15. After his apprenticeship in the footwear business at his brother-in-law in Hyderabad, he migrated to Gulbarga, now called Kalburgi, and started his own company on 1st December 1966 at age 17. Subsequently, he has been managing the wholesale and retail transactions of reputed brands in the country. He has received the best dealer awards for the sale of TROT footwear, Lakhani footwear & Lancer footwear products. At Punjab Boot House, they understand the mood of the customers, conduct business with them in good association, and offer them high-quality products at very low prices. This is their business secret.

Today, 'Punjab Boot House', is the most famous company in North Karnataka. It is situated in Chappal Bazaar of Gulbarga city. Surinder Veer Singh has constructed the magnificent new building which is no less than a showroom in a tier 1 city. It has 4000 sq. ft per floor. It has different sections of products on different floors. The first and second floors display footwear of different styles and categories for men, women, children, partywear, and casual wear. Whereas the second floor displays garments and jewelry. “Today we are the largest distributor of Liberty, Action, Campus & Lancer products and dealers of all products “said Surinder Veer Singh.

Sardar Amrik Singh Chhabra started this business with a capital of only 1000 rupees, today his proud sons Mr. Jasveer Singh, founder of Punjab Footwear Mall and also a pop singer with his youtube channel jasveersinghmusic and his other son Mr Surinder Veer Singh, owner of Punjab Boot House are taking the business to different heights and are able to have a turnover of around 10 crore rupees each. Amrik Singh’s both daughters are well established doctors.

“Apart from this, we have also introduced our own brands called La-paji and Chhabra footwear products that are doing well in the market. We do not indulge in selling any duplicate or second-quality products”, said Surinder Veer Singh.

Despite the competition with E-commerce businesses, their customers stayed loyal to them and believed in their slogan "Hamse Sastha Koi Nahi " Customers are offered good schemes and discounts.

Surinder Veer Singh is passionate about his business and likes doing community service along side. He is the president of the Junior Chamber and Rotary Club, Gulbarga. He has a lovely wife who runs the business with him., Their son is being trained in Fashion Photography at Pune and their daughter is studying BBM in Mumbai. They have plans to take their business online in the near future. We wish him and his family the very best.