Rama Mohan Reddy: Curating The Crème-De-La-Crème of Hotel Experiences

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Rama Mohan Reddy, a trail-blazing entrepreneur with a passion for the hotel industry, hails from the serene town of Ananthapuram, Andhra Pradesh. It sounds like the individual faced a shift in their academic performance and decided to pursue a different path after intermediate by choosing to study hotel management at the bachelor's level. This change in direction is not uncommon, as people often reassess their goals and interests based on their experiences and circumstances.

His friend was working in the hotel industry, and Rama decided to join it in 1998, initiating his career as a steward at Hyderabad.

He worked hard regularly, executing each duty to perfection, and continued this for 6 months till he was promoted to the position of ‘trainee captain’. He met a kind-hearted prominent figure, who helped him to complete his course on hotel management in Vijaywada. Soon, he worked at several hotels as a senior captain, assistant manager, and other well-ranked positions. overseeing the welfare of the guests, maintaining cleanliness everywhere, always applied service techniques correctly at all times, and serving food & beverage items with enthusiasm. Record transaction / orders in Point of Sales systems at the time of order. Communicating with the kitchen regarding any menu questions, the length of wait and product availability. He would check with guests to ensure satisfaction with each food course and beverages. Reviewing order dockets, ensuring accurate and timely preparations for order requirements accordingly, he would then present the accurate final bill to guest and process

These were some of the tasks he did and provided a training in these very tasks to new joiners. Post-marriage, he observed the recruitment challenges encountered by the hotel industry. This prompted him to conceive of a start-up dedicated to the recruitment of personnel for the hotel industry. Consequently, in 2014, he established the S.S. Group of Services, an enterprise that specializes in supplying manpower for security, labor contracts, job work contracts, and hotel, hospitality, tourism, and leisure consultants.

S.S. Group of Services facilitates its client organizations by undertaking preliminary activities aimed at selecting the most suitable candidates for the requisite job profiles. These activities comprise advertising through popular media platforms, collating biodata from eligible candidates, shortlisting the best candidates, and conducting a rigorous multistage interview process. During the early stages, the enterprise encountered numerous challenges. The founder had to traverse a considerable distance, 15-18 kilometers every day to ensure the successful operation of his business.

In those days, there was no 3-star hotel in Ananthapuram. However, a visionary had started the construction of one, and Rama Mohan Reddy had provided him with security support. The visionary extended Rama Mohan Reddy's contract to work at Hotel Masineni Grand in Ananthapuram. For over a year, Rama Mohan Reddy worked there as an operations manager, overseeing the hotel's maintenance and ensuring each department collaborated systematically and in a sophisticated manner.

During his time at Hotel Masineni Grand, a higher-up from RIO THE HOTEL in Bangalore visited for other purposes. He was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of the hotel, from the quality of the food to the services provided. Upon inquiry, he met with Rama Mohan Reddy and convinced him to assist in the development of RIO THE HOTEL. Initially hesitant, Rama Mohan Reddy changed his mind due to the higher-up's determination and constant requests. In 2016, he visited RIO THE HOTEL in Bangalore, inspected the hotel and its marketability, and was impressed with its potential.

Since then, Rama Mohan Reddy’s business has been flourishing, as his company, S.S. Group of Services has been providing the best of manpower supplies to its clientele, who have been thoroughly impressed with his integrity and dedication. His success in the hotel industry has not gone unnoticed, as he has worked at several 3-star and five-star hotels, leveraging his skillsets and efficient whereever he worked. He’s currently also a general manager with Sri Sierra in Chickballapur, Karnataka, where he oversees 36 rooms, 2 board rooms, 1 banquet hall, 1 veg restaurant, 1 roof top bar and restaurant, and 1 coffee shop.

It's commendable that he has a clear vision for his future, aiming to start his own hotel. The experiences gained in hotel management, along with any other life experiences, can contribute significantly to the success of such an endeavor. Starting a hotel is a challenging but rewarding venture that requires a combination of business acumen, hospitality expertise, and a deep understanding of customer service. He desires to take his hotel business to the top, positioning itself amongst

Icons of Indian Business wishes him the best in his future endeavors and hope he attains success at each stage.

Connect with Ram Mohan Reddy: +91 95811 99149