Rebel Zabi: The Electrifying Man of Mandya

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Leslie Caron, the ever-gracious French actress, once stated, “Cinema will always have an important role to play in society,” which remains true to date. Cinema serves to entertain and educate the public regarding numerous diverse topics in various methods of filming. The actors play the most important role in selling the film successfully with their acting, dancing, dialogue speaking, and other skills, enthralling the audience and engaging their senses and feelings into a whole new world. Cinephiles develop an interest in these celebrities, becoming their fans and imitating their actions.

Mandya, an enchanting and calm town located in Karnataka, the Sandalwood State, has a dedicated fanbase for Sandalwood’s Rebel Star, Ambarish. His birthdays are celebrated with great joy and his death is mourned deeply, with his fans doing charity work, like feeding the poor and donating clothes. Rebel Zabi is one such deep admirer of Ambarish, to the extent that he’s named his company as ‘Rebel Star Ambarish Electrical’ in his honour. Born in KR Pete Taluk of Mandya in 1977 to a loving family where income was meagre, Zabi pursued his studies with passion till seventh standard, as financial restraints strained the family’s ability to afford school fees. Without losing an ounce of hope and faith, Zabi began to assist various electricians and electric shops till he became a master himself.

Obtaining a license turned out to be an uphill battle for Rebel Zabi, as the authorities refused to register his company, which had a filmstar’s name. They stated that the permission of Ambarish was necessary to complete the registration process. Even though the Rebel Star was residing in Delhi at that moment, Zabi travelled there and got the documents typed and set. He relentlessly pursued his search till he met Ambarish, who granted the permission. This cleared the remaining obstacles to establishing ‘Rebel Star Ambarish Electricals’ in 1996.

Under the expert guidance and vision of Rebel Zabi, ‘ Rebel Star Ambarish Electical’ went from upgrading and repairing minor issues to providing services for houses and complexes. It even works for the local farmer’s department with services like fixing and installing transformers and light poles with the materials provided by the department. Inspired by Ambarish, who was a well-known philanthropist, the company provides free lighting and electricity to people who are unable to afford it by installing light poles and other electrical equipment, even cross-verifying to ensure the customer’s not lying about its income.

Rebel Zabi walked from KR Pete to Ramanagar, to support Ambarish’s first political stint. In Ramanagar, as he asked for directions, some people picked him up with them and went to the location where Ambarish was residing, and reported to him about Zabi’s journey and purpose. Ambarish ensured he was well taken care of, and also gave him his number and address. Since then, they have maintained a close relationship over the decades till Ambarish’s unfortunate death in 2018.

Rebel Zabi aspires to keep the legacy of Rebel Star Ambarish alive with his hard work, philanthropy, and indiscrimination. He helps the poor by providing and installing free electricity in their houses, has also contributed to the construction of Shree Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra with Ambarish Sena Samiti, and with them, feeds the poor and needy meals on Ambarish’s birthday. We at Icons of Indian Business wish him the best in his endeavors and hope he always attains success and stays at the top with consistency, hard work, and determination.

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