Rishabh: The Raja of Loan-Providing Services

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The middle-class man gets a salary that barely covers the essentials; from electricity and water to groceries and fuel. Even if he barely manages to pay them properly, the ability to purchase any non-essential that gives joy diminishes greatly. Add savings and loans, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. However, loans are becoming easier to obtain due to companies like Sayyam Investments, a financial company under Singaporean company Surfin Group, and visionaries like Rishabh Raja, who is implementing his plans of easing the Indian middle-class troubles with this service.

Rishabh Raja was born in Bangalore to a loving middle-class family that ensured he obtained the best education while providing every comfort possible to help him in his studies. He completed his tenth standard in Bishop Cotton Boys School and successfully overcame both pre-university and undergraduate stages with a B.Com from Jain University. His hunger for knowledge was not quenched, as he completed a company secretary course, obtained an LLB degree, and also pursued an advanced course in Fintech Management & Financial Blockchain from IIM Calcutta.

2015 was the year Rishabh initiated his career with a kickstart, as he got employed under American Air Filters (AAA), a prominent air filter company under Daikin Industries Ltd. While being an excellent asset to his team, the everyday arduous journey of 30 km from home to AAA’s manufacturing unit and vice versa exhausted Rishabh, and a year later, he jumped ship to Alitmetrik under Davinta Financial Services as a company secretary. He grinded tirelessly for three years, however, his desire to rise to even greater heights and gain more legal exposure made him join Sayyam Investments, an RBI-regulated company, under the position of the legal head.

At Sayyam Investments, he would initially take care of every legal and secretarial complaint. His hard work, efficiency, and passion didn’t go unnoticed, as he became the Director and Business Head of Sayyam Investments in 2021. That same year, he led the team to ensure the successful launch of ‘PayRupik’, an app designed to meet the personal financial needs of the Indian Population with loans up to 50,000. Under this platform, Sayyam Investments receives loan applications and after verifying their background, provides the applicants with flexible and customised lending facilities with hassle-free online documentation, including no collateral within ten minutes.  

Sayyam Investments strives to provide efficient and excellent credit services to its clientele on time. Rishabh Raja is aware that most banks barely lend loans for numerous reasons like low credit scores, and a majority of them tend to need urgent cash for emergencies like operations. Hence, no client is extremely pressurized, as they are merely sent timely reminders on their phones. This helps the client to keep track of their cash and ensure the loan is paid off to increase their credit score.

Rishabh Raja aims to bring life to Sayyam Investments’ vision of providing financial services and assistance to every Indian economic sector, by pushing its world-calibre financial services all over India. He, along with every other employee, ensures Sayyam Investments eternally provides peak customer service in every interaction; ensuring accessibility and transparency are at an all-time high every day. Rishabh Raja plans to triple the company’s growth and increase the revenue numbers to 800-1000 crores in its portfolio. We at Icons of Indian Business wish him, his family, and Sayyam Investments the best in their future endeavors and hope they always attain success and stay at the top with consistency, hard work, and determination.

Connect with Rishabh Raja and Sayyam Investments: https://www.sayyaminvestments.in/index.html