Seed to healthy society begins at school

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A wonderful and very inspirational story of a legend who believed in the above-quoted line and made the whole world look at a remote village, Mudabidri, in Karnataka for quality education is none other than Dr. Mohan Alva. If Bangalore is wearing Educational Hub Crown undoubtedly Alvas Institution is a precious diamond in it. Many might have heard Alva Institution's success stories but less have heard undeclared ideology, challenges, hard work, compromises made to build the Authority by an Ayurvedic

Doctor Dr. Mohan Alva. Here goes the backstage performance of Alva Institute as a reference guide to the upcoming achievers.

An epitome of courage and wisdom, Soft-spoken Dr. Alva is a firm believer in the dogma that trimming and turning should happen at an elementary level of a child. When parents had a concept of nearby schooling it is Dr. Alva who revolutionized the residential school idea with prudent and without commercializing it, making working mothers think that their children got another home in safe hands. Even in the Pinnacle of success, Alva Institutions maintain the same sanctity and strictness as was in the

early days and the same thought made Mr. Alva not open any branches in different places.

By doing the right thing at a right time with immense focus and understanding that clear thinking needs courage, Alvas Institute provides world-class education to nearly 20,000 students. Dr. Alva believes that diversity is the nerve center of the complete development of a child and introduces them to sports and Virasat a cultural event that takes place 4-5 days having a history of 21 years, not sticking them to one. The aesthetic taste of the audience of Virasat made Ustad Zakir Hussain, Kadri Gopalanathan, Dr.

Balamuralikeishna, Dr. K J Yesudas, Pt. Ajay Chakraborty, Dr. Padma Subramnyam perform here and have been awarded the prestigious Alva’s Virasat. Very few know a majority of Alva students every year will get selected in NEET - a Medical Exams conducted GOI.

Knowing Gratitude is a powerful stimulus for happiness, Dr. Alva’s eyes searched for underprivileged children who are good at studies but can't afford it, making 3000 children get their education. Not only did these searches pick children from villages but also tribes like Koraka, Malekudi, Jenukudi, Soligaru, Hasalaru, and Haki Pikaru. Forgetting not his native language, Kannada, Dr. Alva started Kannada-Medium school where 600 students benefited the same for free and an entire 8 cores of cost to run the show entrusted by Alva Institute. Humblest man credits success to his team thy Dr. Alva.

Alvas Hospital is backed with a vision to offer the best and quality health care services equipped with the latest technologically advanced facilities. A complete man like Dr. Alva knows not only education makes society robust but also medical services too. If the branches of a tree are like modern-day Medicine, roots are like Ayurveda having this as base Alva Ayurveda is running successfully. Knowledgeable education produces successful leaders who make India proud.