Shilpa N Gali: The Midas Hand of Advertisement

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Ann Landers, a notable American columnist, had once stated, “Opportunities are usually hard work in disguise, so most people don’t recognize them,” which holds true for most diligent hard-working human beings out there. However, there are times when one can miss a golden opportunity and then regret it years later. The quote “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door,” by Milton Berle perfectly applies in such cases. Sometimes, one has to put in the work, put in the hours, and create opportunities to succeed.  

Shilpa N Gali is one such hard-working entrepreneur with a golden heart from Koppal. Having completed her education with a B.A. while mastering classical music and Bharatanatyam, she shifted to Bangalore in 2006 for better opportunities. She began her illustrious career by working for CNBC Network for three years, and later, she was also employed under 18 NEWS and then by TOI as a manager. During this period, she would regularly perform her duties and grasp knowledge that would sharpen her business acumen. 

Her hard work, diligence, and high level of knowledge in those companies had not gone unnoticed, as she established an excellent rapport with most of their clientele. The clientele’s constant support and funding enabled her to establish World Info Solutions (WIS), an ad agency in 2010 when she was merely 25 years old. As Shilpa helped these clients with providing the right strategies to boost their company profiles, she received her initial payment of ₹15, 000, utilized that amount to register her company, and got multiple visiting cards printed and distributed.

World Info Solutions received Kannan Borewells as its first customer, and from there, it landed a successful deal with Anand Adyar Bhavan (A2B), a prominent restaurant chain in Bangalore. Shilpa Gali implemented efficient strategies that enabled A2B’s successful launch and brand exposure. This helped A2B easily obtain the necessary funding for its establishment, and it went on to establish 24 branches across Bangalore.

With enough cash and facilities available, Shilpa decided to move one step ahead and established First Care Home Nursing Services in 2015. Being from a family of modest means herself, she empathized with women in villages as they lacked the education and facilities required for a big push in their careers. First Care Services ensures they are trained in and secured with nursing and other decent jobs to earn a decent income, and it provides and facilitates old people who aren’t provided adequate care by their children due to reasons like staying far away, are provided quality health check-ups and healthcare to lead a healthier life.

Shilpa N Gali has also created a foray into FMGC as she established a factory in 2020 in Rural Karnataka with state-of-the-art machinery. This factory employs mostly women for manufacturing sanitary pads under her company, 'Independent Woman' and home care products under 'Klean And Shine', which are all sold at an affordable price range. She also arranges for sessions on menstrual awareness to be provided for school kids and women's associations. She has also partnered with to establish a book rental service in Bangalore and has also founded ‘Bright Mindz’, a training academy. These initiatives have benefited numerous people, as more than 100 people have been employed across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Goa.

Accomplishing at every stage, Shilpa N Gali has been recognized by organizations and notable people for her efficiency and excellent delivery of every product she supervises and endorses, as she has partnered with MNCs like Mahindra, Shopper’s Stop, ICICI, and HDFC. She entered the Guinness Book of World Records for two events with Mahindra in 2019 and also received a ton of accolades and awards. She was awarded ‘Business Excellence’ and ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ awards for her contribution towards helping the growth of FreshToHome by combining the concept of maintaining cleanliness in both the surroundings as well as the consumer’s body. This promoted both health & fitness along with keeping one’s surroundings tidy and neat.

Shilpa N Gali has also been awarded Business Woman Achiever in 2021 with WIS being awarded the ‘Best Marketing Agency’ and ‘Adishakthi’ for promoting women’s well-being and independence. She is married and is blessed with an adorable daughter. Shilpa plans to expand 'Independent Women' and 'Klean And Shine' to employ women around Pan-India along with providing companies and individuals a unique experience while promoting their brands, and bringing in exponential growth and profit for her clientele worldwide. We at Icons of Indian Business wish Shilpa N Gali, her family, and World Info Solutions the best for their future endeavors and hope they always attain success and stay at the top with consistency, hard work, and determination.

Connect with Shilpa N Gali:, +91 99161 13937