Shivananda Madashetty: The Trail-Blazing Serial Entrepreneur

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“The true entrepreneur is the doer, not a dreamer.” – Nolan Bushnell, American businessman and electrical engineer.

The Renaissance, a period marking the end of the Middle Ages, witnessed a significant rise in the refinement of arts, education, politics, and economics. Land explorations played a key role in this era, as numerous countries were discovered, leading to widespread changes that have been recorded and taught worldwide. Today, we are experiencing another Renaissance due to the rapid and widespread usage of technology in our lives.

Entrepreneurship has a similar purpose to land exploration, as it discovers and provides opportunities for people to showcase their talents and skills while benefiting everyone involved. Some entrepreneurs start with the goal of seeing their products sold, while others start to provide employment. Shivananda Madashetty from Ramanagara district is one such trailblazer with both reasons acting as the driving force behind his current success in the tea, cashew, and garment industry.

Shivananda Madashetty began his business journey during his high school years in 1995 by selling tea products. He also helped in his father’s provisional store, where he learned the ins and outs of the business. He noticed that most items in the household and shop were manufactured by others, which sparked the desire to see his company’s name on these products. During his college years, he became fascinated by clothes and the variety of colors and styles one could explore while manufacturing them. He soon began dealing in the garment industry by becoming a distributor.

His mother, Smt. Amman Namma Madashetty desired to employ at least a thousand people prior to her demise, which Shivananda Madashetty ensured to fulfill. He established a tea trading business, which brought in numerous employment opportunities and profit, as over a billion kilograms of tea are consumed yearly in India alone. The cashew industry presented itself as a lucrative opportunity, and Shivananda seized it. He traveled extensively to both prominent and upcoming cashew production units, studying the methodologies and machinery required to produce cashew nuts and related products.

With his knowledge and experience, Shivananda established his first cashew manufacturing unit in Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagar District. This brought in a huge profit turnover with employment opportunities, motivating him to establish the second unit at Jigani, a prominent industrial area in Bangalore. He also saw success with his garment distribution business, leading to the eventual establishment of Weamson, a garment brand focused on manufacturing men’s, women’s, and kids’ wear.

Under the vision and guidance of Shivananda Madashetty, Weamson expanded its line of production with interesting and ingenious ideas for fashion. Formal, business, casual, and party wear are among the numerous categories Weamson specializes in, and their unique prints, color schemes, and cuts put them ahead of a majority of competitors in and around Bangalore. He also included notable brands like D’Myth and My Star.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a turbulent time for individuals, families, and companies worldwide, and Shivananda Madashetty was no exception. He suffered incredible losses, as his cashew production had to be halted for three years. During this phase, he ensured that the garment employees at his unit were provided with corona kits and other amenities to ensure steady production.

Shivananda Madasetty is determined to expand his business empire and provide top-quality clothes, fresh tea, and delicious cashews worldwide. His vision of employing at least 1000 members is still ongoing, with over 400 members currently working with joy and fulfillment. We at Icons of Indian Business wish him the best in his future endeavors and hope he succeeds at each stage

Connect with Shivananda Madashetty: +91 95919 47344