Shoy Andrews: Bringing Innovation In Life AND Technologies

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“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” – Dr Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


Shoy Andrews is a passionate engineer with an innate love for machinery, which blossomed during his college days when he studied hard, researching the latest machinery and thinking of ways to implement it. He desired to obtain a job that would take his passion to the next level, but unfortunately, it was not possible. However, he unexpectedly landed a marketing job for a gearbox and gear motors company, which at least kept him in touch with the technical aspects of machinery.


In 2005 Shoy Andrews established Multitech Automations and in 2017, AND Technologies (&T), a special purpose machinery company that manufactures machinery as per the requirement of the customers.


Shoy’s passion for mechanics was, however, far from extinguished, as there was some spark left. It soon got ignited as he noticed the average local machinery utilized in the food and bakery industry, with only a few good manufacturers. He decided to add his company to that list, and he established a mechanical department. The first machine manufactured under them was the ‘cookie dropping’ machine with a little twist: the addition of cupcakes and muffins.This became a sensation within the bakery industry, and it gave him even more ideas to experiment with.

Once, Shoy asked a customer involved in the sweets industry about the jalebi and Jahangir-making machines.

The friend replied, “It is an uphill task for many, as some people have been trying to perfect it for over two years, and yet they failed. However, if you succeed, I shall be the first customer to purchase it.” The customer was Mr.Ramaswamy of A2B (Adayar Anada Bhavan).

Shoy accepted the challenge, and he worked hard with his team for over 1.5 years, sweating out ingenious ideas and experimenting to see what suits best. Finally, they successfully created the world’s first jalebi and Jahangir machine in 2019, and the customer purchased not one, not two, but 5-6 of these uniquely designed and highly-functional machinery.


Since then, Shoy Andrews has been leading AND Technologies to further heights, regularly fulfilling its vision to leave footprints in the market with every machine built by it. Quality stays as the prime focus of AND Technologies, which has implemented stringent monitoring systems to ensure the entire manufacturing process runs smoothly and safely, even testing the equipment before the final dispatch into the market.

Some of the innovative machines manufactured by AND Technologies include:

  • Idiyappam/Idly Machine
  • Rice Washer
  • Nipattu Machine
  • Twisted Murukku Machine
  • Bun Divider
  • Bread Slicer
  • Peda Machine


In addition to finding ingenious solutions from unexpected areas, Shoy Andrews also engages with students as a guest lecturer for numerous universities, where he imparts knowledge on the current affairs regarding industrial automation. His efforts do not end here, as AND Technologies has founded a facility to train forty students annually, with even people from Chandigarh attending these sessions.


AND Technologies has successfully served over 300-400 customers, including Haldirams, Bikaner, A2B, GRB, Pulla Reddy, Mahalakshmi Sweets, and Shri Krishna Sweets, with its ever-functioning and highly innovative products, and has retained them with its customer prioritization and focus to ensure their satisfaction. These features have also allowed the company to execute export projects and establish itself as a top player in the food and bakery industry with innovation and determination. It continues to expand its clientele base nationwide and worldwide, establishing innovation and quality at the core of its success. We at Icons of Indian Business wish Shoy Andrews the best in his future endeavors and hope he attains success at each stage.  

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