Stress – Nature’s Answer

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Mr. Manjunath Bhat  rather can be called Forest man of Karnataka and is a mine of information about the forest. The spectacular view of trees, unpolluted sky, different kinds of birds at every few hundred yards, and freshness in the air is a description of the self-made jungle where Mr. Manjunath Bhat inhabit. Ironically Mr. Bhat divides the brain into three parts where a person carries his not-good Memories to left, his Future Planning in right, and Present at the center. Clearing the air on Stress Management he says it will be difficult to come out of stress if one is not willing to. 

Mr. Bhat taking the first left in the talk reasons that no need to carry the unpleasant memories whether on a personal level or at the school syllabus. Further, he says these upsetting memories stem enmity in a person, in turn, getting charred first. In his view the heaviness of the left-sided baggage makes a person crawl and stop at a certain point which hinders his achievement. He says at a sapling stage in an academic level introducing a child to happened war and invasion makes the little one’s brain a battlefield and on later stages divide the society which is a hindrance to the growth of a healthy nation.


Taking to his second right in the chat Mr. Bhat explains extreme planning to the uncertain future, which is being kept secret by the creator, sinks a person into an ocean of confusion, and guilt of incompleteness leads to stress. These planning and memory baggage make dip faster.


Standing in the middle Mr. Bhat’s antidote for Stress is to drop off the left and right carried baggage, being lightweight an individual can fly high. To be in the middle vis-a-vis the Present makes humans find success in all the work he involves. 

Mr. Bhat credits The Time as a good healer and therapist with no side-effect medicine who wanes our memories over a period, Mr. Bhat faults humans for henpecking them. 

Natures Present - Today.