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Paul Rand, a noted American art director and graphic designer, once simplistically, yet profoundly stated, “Design is so simple. That’s why, it’s so complicated.” Design expands itself into each and every medium; it manifests and displays itself in every shape, size, and form, attempting to convey the artist’s message. Painting, sketching, fashion designing, interior designing, cooking – there are some of the mediums that have not only presented numerous accomplishers throughout the years but their achievements have also been recognised and ingrained in our daily lives, serving as an inspiration for future generations.

Interior designing turns the walls of one’s house into the canvas of exquisite masterpieces, with the additional advantage of utilizing furniture and other props as enhancers. Vijay Kumar P from Bangalore is a designer with a keen eye for perfection, and he has been utilizing it to transform the interiors of numerous residences with his company, Sunrise Interiors, which was established in 2011. Hailing from the average middle-class family with his father ensuring the maintenance of law and order as a police officer, Vijay would also work in a part-time job while pursuing his college education during the evening hours.

Vijay had a keen interest in pursuing interior designing, for which he completed a course and began working for numerous companies, utilizing his excellent abilities to provide top-class services. This developed his business acumen, giving him the required experience to establish Sunrise Interiors. Since its inception, he has guided the company through each and every project, ensuring each customer is provided with the desired results in top quality, ensuring each deal goes smoothly without any hassle.

Sunrise Interiors deals with residential spaces, creating, furnishing and improving living room interiors, smart modular kitchens, comfortable bedrooms, pooja rooms, bathrooms, and other spaces within a house. With the vision of changing the way people see homes forever, Sunrise Interiors combines technology and creativity in ways rarely seen before, making the utmost use of the best both worlds have to offer. The finest automated machine is utilized by its craftsmen to create magic by producing high-quality furniture, using the most precise measurements to eliminate even the most minuscule of errors.

The Sunrise Interiors team comprises only the best in their respective fields, from craftsmen and designers to project managers and 2D/3D Artists, utilizing their experience and efficiency to create the steadiest, safest, and most splendid interiors and furniture for their clientele. Customer satisfaction is a top priority often emphasized during each project, with the planning, visualisation, budgeting, and other factors being discussed every time to ensure a hassle-free and stunning delivery. Maintaining trust and transparency is another key factor, as it allows the team to source only top-quality materials and implement them throughout the project’s duration.

On-time delivery is eternally maintained by the Sunrise Interiors team, as it guarantees a 45-day delivery of the project with a five-year warranty, making it viable with its affordable payment options. Under the vision and guidance of Vijay, Sunrise Interiors has covered over 300 concepts of designs while concluding over 2200 since its establishment in 2011. He and his wife Smruthi, also a designer and a key contributor to the company’s growth, are continuing its legacy as a fiercely dedicated team, creating and delivering excellence at each stage under any circumstance.

Adapting both traditionalism and modernism art and crafts, Sunrise Interiors aims to be the initiator in shifting the general public’s perception of the ideal residence. Its strong belief in sharing ideas is a strong factor in the free creative flow that each member possesses and displays. Creating magic in the lives of its customers, it continues to deliver more than expected.

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